eAsset Management

eAsset Management

Manage your documents in a fully digital environment

The most trusted eVault solution for originators, warehouse lenders, custodians and investors

eOriginal’s eAsset Management is the industry’s leading purpose-built solution delivering Digital Asset Certainty, the assurance that digital loans are created, stored and assigned in full accordance with all compliance standards for the industry, and maintaining the highest level of legal enforceability throughout a digital loan’s lifecycle.

eOriginal’s Solution

eAsset Management enables lenders, investors and their partners to create, manage and monetize their digital loan assets. With 600+ customers, eOriginal’s unparalleled ecosystem enables frictionless. secure and trusted transactions, enabling speed and capital efficiency.

eAsset Management includes:

Secure eVault

eAsset Certainty®
with Tampersealing, Encryption and End-to-end Audit Trails

Access Control

Paper In® Import

Paper Out® Export

Certified Print®
Evidentiary Package

Robust API



Complete digital asset certainty, meeting all Safe Harbor requirements and enabling legal enforceability under UETA, ESIGN and UCC 9-105

An Unparalleled Ecosystem built on Confidence and Compliance

Transformational Speed and Capital Efficiency for paper to digital loan creation, management and secondary market execution

Industry Best Practices based on 600+ customers across all digital loan asset classes

Solution extensibility and automated digital asset management enabled by flexible enterprise APIs

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eAsset Management
for Digital Mortgage

Securely manage your assets with our frictionless solution

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Speed and Capital Efficiency

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The eOriginal platform accelerates the rate at which digital financial assets are originated, collateralized, securitized and sold into the secondary market – fueling greater capital efficiency and leverage.

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