eAsset® Management

Manage and protect your eAsset documents throughout their lifecycle in a fully digital environment

eOriginal’s eAsset® Management Platform enables businesses to go beyond simple electronic signature functionality to manage the entire lifecycle of a digital transaction in a fully electronic environment. For needs ranging from secure storage to pledging or collateralizing in the secondary market, we treat each and every transaction within our platform as a financial asset that must be verifiably secure, legally compliant and enforceable. These post-signature services can be classified in three categories: Vaulting, Transaction, and Transferable Records Services.

The eOriginal® solution gives end users the control to manage their eAsset documents while securely providing access to additional authorized participants such as lenders, document custodians, investors, auditors and legal counsel. With our platform, companies can extend the use of eSignatures across the enterprise to even the most critical and collaborative transactions and business processes.

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The eAsset Management Platform is signing-tool-agnostic, and can easily integrate with any electronic signature solution available in the market or developed within your organization. We understand that each business has a unique set of needs and requirements, and therefore we offer this solution as a SaaS model.

eOriginal’s vaulting services are the foundation for enabling you to securely manage your electronically signed assets throughout their post-execution lifecycle. Our eAsset® document repository allows you to tightly control and track access, status changes and retention policies of your Digital Original™ documents, providing the highest levels of protection and compliance through the use of digital tamper seals and the most detailed audit trail and reporting functionalities available in the marketplace.


Encryption & Tamper Seal

Make eSigned documents tamper evident and protected throughout their lifecycle.

Audit Trail

Maintain an authenticated and secure audit trail on every action taken throughout the lifecycle of the transaction.

eCustodian Services

Grant internal or external parties access to individual collections or portions of transactions.

Access/Rights Management

Allow secure and enforceable 3rd-party access rights and privileges in accordance with the terms of the custodian and collateral control agreements.

Integrity Check

Verify the integrity of your documents using the tamper-evident seal digitally applied to every document managed by the system.

Advanced Encrypted Evidentiary Package

Secure storage of Digital Original™ documents means they will have the strongest audit trail and chain of “control” should the validity of your critical documents ever be questioned.

eOriginal’s transaction services offer specialized tools and solutions that enable organizations to meet unique legal, workflow and collaboration requirements. These advanced features give users the functionality to customize documents or transactions based on third-party needs.


Ancillary Documents and Deal Jacket Management

Include and manage all of the secondary documents and records needed for the transaction over its entire lifecycle.

Certified Print® Process

Produce a legally enforceable version of the contract and supporting documentation for a “court ready” evidentiary package.

Paper In® Import

Transition documents that were created and signed on paper to a legally compliant and enforceable electronic authoritative copy.

Paper Out® Export

Transition an electronic authoritative copy to a legally enforceable paper document.

Retention Copy Management

Set up retention policies based on the status or type of document that dynamically calculates destruction dates based on activities on the documents.

Non-Authoritative Copy Distribution

Participants receive electronic copies of all documents in the transaction via email or download.

Documents with a downstream afterlife add complexity to digital transactions. Our Transferable Records Services enable the control of electronic assets in accordance with the Transferable Records requirements of Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), as well as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) requirements for the creation, sale, pledging, pooling, syndication or securitization of Authoritative Copy documents.


Pledging / Collateralization

Pledge Digital Original™ documents as recourse for a lender, giving the lender a sufficient level of reassurance against default risk.


Transfer Authoritative Copies, Transferable Records and various Digital Original™ documents for sale in the secondary financial markets.

Authoritative Copy Creation and Management

Identify the secured party for the record and implement controls required to enable transfers. Identify all non-authoritative copies from the original, all in compliance with UCC Article 9-105, UETA Section 16 and ESIGN Section 7021.

Transfer of Location of Electronic Contracts (TOLEC):

Vault-to-vault transfer of electronically signed documents. The ANSI X.9 TOLEC standard was developed to provide an automated, verifiable process to migrate documents between two electronic repositories.

Transfer of Ownership or Control

Authorized users can facilitate the transfer of ownership or control of an Authoritative Copy between parties. The transfer process is defined by an offer, acceptance and confirmation. At each step, the buyer or seller may elect to reject or cancel the transfer. All actions are captured in the secure transaction audit trail.

Pool Creation

Locate and operate on a collection of transactions or Digital Original™ documents.

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The Future Of Business Is Digital
Forrester Research, Inc., March 10, 2014