Route 66 Ventures Chooses eOriginal to Securely Manage its Credit Investments

BALTIMORE, MD. — eOriginal, Inc., the experts in digital transactions, today announced that Route 66 Ventures, a leading provider of capital to emerging financial services companies, has adopted eOriginal’s Digital Transaction Management (DTM) to securely and compliantly store and manage electronic loan documents.

With eOriginal’s SmartSign® eSignature platform and eAsset® Management Services, Route 66 Ventures has access to the highest level of protection for its credit investments, including loans it acquires and secured lending facilities. eOriginal provides Route 66 with state-of-the-art security and compliance to ensure every digital transaction is managed and monetized in a way that mitigates risk and enhances trust.

“eOriginal has provided us with a very high level of security for our investments,” said Jim Rothberg, a Partner with Route 66 Ventures. “We are confident that eOriginal will help enable us to manage our portfolio prudently, so that our credit investments team can focus on its mission of providing cost-effective credit to specialty finance companies.”

After Route 66 Ventures digitally signs its loan documents, the documents are deposited into eOriginal’s fully digital eAsset Vault environment, where each loan is controlled as a secure and legally-binding authoritative copy throughout the remainder of the agreement.  The asset document repository allows Route 66 Ventures to control and track access to, status changes for and retention policies of its credit assets through digital tamper seals and eOriginal’s audit trail and reporting functionalities—which are the most detailed available in the market to date.

“When businesses conduct and manage their financial investments digitally, there is no place for confusion or uncertainty,” said eOriginal President and CEO Steve Bisbee. “By using eOriginal as a digital vault for its electronic loan documents, Route 66 Ventures is ensuring that its financial investments are legally binding and secure. The decision of a sophisticated investor like Route 66 to choose eOriginal only further validates the importance of the security, legal and compliance benefits that our services provide financial market participants.”

About Route 66 Ventures
Route 66 Ventures is a private investment firm which makes venture capital and credit investments in emerging financial services companies. The investment team is a group of former operators of successful specialty finance and technology companies, with deep experience in capital markets, risk management, finance, marketing, and strategy formulation. Route 66 is employee-owned with no limited partners, enabling it to take a long-term view of its portfolio, execute transactions rapidly, and make follow-on investments easily.  For more information, visit