Rapid Security Solutions Celebrates 4 Years of Digital Transaction Management with eOriginal

BALTIMORE – eOriginal, the digital transaction experts, announced today Rapid Security Solutions, LLCcelebrated its four year anniversary as an industry forerunner in the adoption of digital transaction management (DTM) technology. As an eAsset® Management customer utilizing eOriginal’s secure electronic vaulting services, the company has realized significant benefits of reduced costs, reduced storage needs, and increased levels of ease, security, and compliance.

“We are a technology-forward system integrator and as such we pride ourselves on using the best technology internally and for our clients,” said Steven E. Paley, President and CEO of Rapid Security Solutions, LLC. “While we evaluated several options when we decided to implement DTM into our business processes, we ultimately decided to select eOriginal as a partner because not only is their solution easy-to-use, but we know the law is on our side.”

eOriginal’s eAsset Management solution eliminates confusion with a proven process that provides all of the elements required to develop Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) and the Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) compliant applications. This ensures that businesses can manage and monetize their digital transactions securely and compliantly.

In addition to the cost and compliance benefits, one of the compelling features of eOriginal’s secure solution is the peace-of-mind that is provided with every vaulted transaction. Headquartered in Sarasota, Fla., with offices throughout the state, once a contract is securely encrypted and vaulted, the team at Rapid Security Solutions does not have to worry about protecting the asset-backed contract against future damage, such as seasonal hurricanes and flooding.

“As a customer since 2011, Rapid Security Solutions has invested in an innovative technology that continues to enhance their business practices,” said Stephen Bisbee, CEO and President of eOriginal. “By utilizing our eAsset Management Solution the team at Rapid Security Solutions can focus more on their customers, knowing they have a secure centralized location to manage all of their collateral documents.”

Rapid Security Solutions also utilizes the Paper In® Import Process, one of several transaction services includes in the eAsset Management Platform to provide businesses with the ability to manage contracts electronically post-signature, while maintaining compliance and top valuation of these assets. Approved by the top Rating Agencies and financial institutions, the four step process allow companies to move between the varying contract execution types: paper, PDF, and eSignature.

“Selecting eOriginal for our post-execution management was pretty much a no brainer,” concluded Paley. “Companies who are not utilizing a solution like theirs are simply not following best practice.”

About Rapid Security Solutions
Rapid Security Solutions (RSS) is a full-service security partner managing end-to-end security and asset protection solutions for commercial and residential clients through the use of state-of-the-art technology, proven security assessments and exceptional client service. With over 100 years combined business, security industry and law enforcement experience, The RSS team offers a level of technology and service not currently available in the marketplace. Our solutions approach to security and service assures the highest and most sophisticated level of protection of people and property.