Leading North American Motorcycle Manufacturer Digitizes Purchase and Lending Process with eOriginal Solution

BALTIMORE – eOriginal, the digital transaction experts, today announced that a leading North American motorcycle manufacturer and distributor has standardized on eOriginal for their eContracting and eVaulting capabilities.

The customized Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution, featuring integration with one of eOriginal’s eSignature partners, provides the prominent motorcycle manufacturer streamlined digital signing and origination for its consumer finance closings at its dealerships electronically. The fully digital solution removes all manual processes related to closing a deal, including scanning, faxing and mailing.

Within the vehicle finance industry, eOriginal adds the manufacturer to a long list of key clients, consisting of J D Byrider, NextGear Capital, and others, including leading vehicle credit platforms. eOriginal also recently announced its membership with the National Automotive Finance (NAF) Association.

“This relationship is just another example of how eOriginal is leading the digital transformation of the automotive finance industry, whether it is captive finance or through outside lenders,” said Stephen F. Bisbee, President and CEO of eOriginal. “The success of this leading company’s implementation is a testament to the benefits of managing your high-value assets digitally.”

The company approached eOriginal in search of a smooth flexible process with a customizable solution workflow that could integrate into its current unique system applications. Representatives from the client’s various departments, including Project Management, Dealer Operations, Legal, Information Security, Risk Management, Syndication and Funding, met with eOriginal’s integration team and legal counsel to ensure that the solution would fit the needs of the company as a whole, while providing the legal protection and security required.

Since implementation of the solution, the manufacturer has completed two phases of rollouts to their North American dealerships. Following the success of their pilot program with 33 percent of its dealerships, the company is continuing a successful phased roll out across the country and is easily exceeding its adoption and usage projections.

Adopting eOriginal’s eAsset® Management Services has provided the company with the ability to not only benefit from a flexible signing process, but also securitize in the secondary markets. eOriginal’s digital asset management solutions features secure electronic vaulting to eliminate the need of hardcopy paper storage, management, transfer or exchange of documents.

The digital management of collateral provides greater efficiency with a simplified workflow and eliminates the costs and storage needs required when custodians accept digitally signed documents, but do not manage, administer or store them in digital format.