Global Shipping, Packaging and Business Services Giant Chooses eOriginal to Authorize and Securitize Transportation Documents

BALTIMORE — eOriginal, the digital transaction experts, today announced that a leading transportation, packaging and business services provider chose eOriginal for their eAuthorization and Electronic Bill of Lading (eBoL) capabilities. This industry-leading customer selected eOriginal to reduce  the time it takes to process shipment requests; and eliminate inefficiencies in shipment authorization management.

Using a customized version of eOriginal for critical shipments, this provider creates and signs bills of lading electronically to specify what is in each shipment. The company is enabled to transmit these documents to recipients electronically so that no paper has to be shipped with the goods—an invaluable benefit, as bills of lading can be traded or act as collateral against debt. These electronic documents can also be made available for recipient or consumer viewing and used for invoicing purposes—making eOriginal’s leading solutions the company’s clear choice for digital shipping documentation and authorization.

With eOriginal’s post-signature execution management capabilities for financial asset documentation, this customer has access to cutting-edge vaulting  for these type of documents—which require certain measures be taken to protect the digital asset and ensure it is treated as an exchangeable good.

“Our relationship with this universally-known shipping, packaging and business services provider is another use case of the digital transformation of document management; and we are thrilled to contribute to the company’s success,” said Stephen F. Bisbee, President and CEO of eOriginal. “Its instrumentation of eOriginal’s eAuthorization and Electronic Bill of Lading (eBoL) capabilities further proves the value of creating and protecting high-value assets digitally.”

The global shipping industry has long sought a solution to the difficulties, costs and inefficiencies associated with paper authorization and bills of lading. By developing certifiable electronic solutions with secure vaulting  capabilities, eOriginal eliminates the need for hardcopy paper storage, management, transfer or exchange of documents, while also protecting the value of the asset.

For example, customers can use eAuthorization to avoid the typically inefficient and arduous paper process, where agreements are faxed to the carrier, the carrier signs it and faxes it back. Carriers are then added to list of qualified carriers in a facilities management system, and the signed agreement is stored in paper form.

This outdated process is a time-consuming and unreliable means of document sharing; however, with eOriginal’s eAuthorization, this shipping giant can provide faster turn-arounds, along with a more efficient means of document storage and retrieval. These shipping documents, managed digitally from end-to-end with eOriginal, also maintain the same authenticity as physical documents throughout the entire shipping and receiving process.

Across the varied industries which eOriginal services, whether it is auto finance or solar or financial services or global shipping, eOriginal’s digital management solutions  provides clients across varied industries with greater efficiency through a simplified, automated workflow. This eliminates the costs and storage needs required to accept physically signed documents, along with managing, administering or storing them in paper format.