eOriginal Sponsors Leading Solar Lending Conference: IMN’s Sunshine Backed Bonds

BALTIMORE – eOriginal, Inc., the digital transaction experts, today announced it is sponsoring the third annual Sunshine Backed Bonds conference, an Information Management Network (IMN) event that explores the role of securitization in powering renewable energy finance. As part of eOriginal’s sponsorship, the company will be featured throughout the conference as a key technology provider for the solar finance industry.

“As the conference’s theme suggests, securitization is an important aspect of the solar and renewable energy finance industry,” said Stephen Bisbee, CEO and President of eOriginal. “eOriginal is committed to accelerating and simplifying the business processes within the industry. By making a digital transformation and adopting digital transaction management, businesses can sign and manage loans, leases and other assets from the start of financing through to securitizations.”

The New York City-based conference, where “Solar Meets Wall Street”, will take place on April 30 to May 1, 2015 at the New York Marriot Downtown. Solar energy providers, fixed income investors, rating agency analysts, investment bankers, and legal counsel will come together at the event to learn how improved access to affordable, large scale funding can propel the solar financing sector forward, decreasing the carbon footprint and bills of consumers who adopt renewable energy technology.

The event will focus on educating investors and capital market participants on the trends and opportunities that exist within the solar and renewable energy finance industry. Expert investment bankers and lawyers will also be in attendance to discuss the structural and legal challenges that face this industry as it matures.

During the two-day conference, attendees will have the opportunity to network with each other and attend several educational sessions, with topics including: securitization of the market; alternative financing options for solar financing; assessing the growth of the solar industry; new solutions in asset management; and risk mitigation.

“Participating in this conference will provide eOriginal with a unique opportunity to educate leaders within this relatively young industry on how taking their business processes digital will not only benefit their internal efficiency, but their customer experience,” continued Bisbee.

The Sunshine Backed Bonds conference features representatives from several eOriginal clients, including Sungevity, Inc., Vivint, Inc. and Mosaic, Inc., which announced last month that it took its processes 100% digital with a joint eOriginal and DocuSign solution.