eOriginal Reports Record Setting Revenue Growth in 2015

Growing Acceptance and Demand of Digital Transaction Management and Post-Signature Asset Management Drives Rapid Growth Among Traditional and Non-Traditional Lenders

BALTIMORE, MD. — eOriginal, Inc., the experts in digital transactions, announced today that the company nearly doubled its sales and revenue goals for aggressive year-over-year growth by expanding its core digital financial asset management business.

eOriginal credits its customer base growing by more than 70 percent to increased education of digital transformation within key financial services markets leading to greater acceptance and demand of Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and post-signature management. This has led leaders in their respective industries – including SoFi in student lending; DriveTime and DealerTrack in vehicle finance; Westgate Resorts in timeshare ownership; Upstart and Funding Circle in marketplace lending; U.S. Bank and Millennium Trust Company as custodians – to become early adopters of digital services such as digital vaulting, transaction services and transferrable record services.

According to Aragon Research, a leading technology analyst firm, Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is poised to grow into a $30-billion market by 2020, with the asset management sector showing a significant rise. As a pioneer in DTM, the company has positioned itself to continue its successful growth into the coming years. In a research note published last spring, lead analyst of Aragon Research, Jim Lundy, stated, “Only a few providers currently focus on DTM Asset Management; the best known is eOriginal, Inc.”

To support the expansion, the company hired two senior-level executives to help drive the company towards what leadership predicts will be an even greater year-over-year growth in 2016. Robert (Bob) Edwards joined the company as the first-ever Chief Financial Officer and Brian Matthews joined as Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. Both Edwards and Matthews bring over 25 years of experience in their respective fields. To learn more about Edwards or Matthews, and their roles with eOriginal, visit: https://www.eoriginal.com/leadership-team.html.

eOriginal also rolled out critical enhancement to its eAsset® Management Platform. The platform enables businesses to go beyond simple electronic signature functionality to manage the entire lifecycle of a digital transaction in a fully electronic environment. The solution enables end users the control to manage their eAsset documents while securely providing access to additional authorized participants such as lenders, document custodians, investors, auditors and legal counsel.

“Over the past several years we generated the need and preference for digital transactions and have driven the need and adoption of eOriginal nationally,” said Stephen Bisbee, CEO and President of eOriginal, Inc. “In a world rapidly developing and digitally transforming, eOriginal is a trusted partner and platform. Our customers don’t leave us because we will never leave them. We are excited for the year to come and know that the addition of Bob and Brian, in addition to our anticipated initiatives, will allow us to continue to be the digital transaction experts for decades to come.”