eOriginal Releases ClosingCenter 2.2

Enhanced pre-close capabilities enable complete closing efficiency and flexibility
for lenders, borrowers and settlement agents.

September 02, 2020 – eOriginal, the trusted leader in digital lending technology, today announced the release of ClosingCenter 2.2, anchored by enhanced pre-closing capabilites, increasing the efficiency and convenience of digital closings for lenders, borrowers and settlement agents.

ClosingCenter Pre-Close provides borrowers with the option to preview and eSign legally eligible documents before their scheduled closing appointment.  In addition, Pre-Close intelligently transfers unsigned pre-closing documents into the closing appointment signing package, further increasing closing day efficiency and accuracy.

With the release of ClosingCenter 2.2, eOriginal offers lenders a simple, open and scalable eClosing solution, from pre-closing to secondary market delivery of digital loans.

“ClosingCenter 2.2 empowers lenders to offer its partners maximum flexibility to get closings done more efficiently, while giving borrowers a more comfortable and flexible closing experience,” noted Simon Moir, Chief Product Officer at eOriginal.

For more information on ClosingCenter 2.2 and eOriginal, visit www.eOriginal.com.

About eOriginal

eOriginal is the trusted leader in digital lending technology. Our proven platform securely digitizes the lending process from the borrower to the secondary market. We enable lenders, investors, and their partners to create, manage and monetize digital loans. eOriginal is the only company to provide Digital Asset Certainty – the assurance that digital loans meet and maintain the highest level of legal enforceability and compliance. With 600+ customers, eOriginal’s unparalleled ecosystem enables frictionless, secure and trusted transactions of digital loan assets.  As the choice of industry leaders, top financial institutions, law firms, and credit rating agencies rely on eOriginal as a trusted partner. To learn more, go to www.eoriginal.com