eOriginal and Digital Transformation To Be Highlighted at Kofax Transform 2015

BALTIMORE, MD– eOriginal, Inc., the digital transaction experts, today unveiled its presence at the Kofax Transform 2015 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, beginning on Sunday. The highlight will be CEO and President Stephen Bisbee features in a session on “Executing and Compliantly Managing Digital Transactions” to educate businesses on the value and benefits of electronic transaction management.

The Kofax Transform conference, March 8 to 10, is heralded as the leading global conference on the use of technology to improve the customer experience, increase responsiveness, and gain a competitive advantage. One of the key focuses of this year’s conference and its breakout sessions is the use of e-signatures and the need for businesses to develop fraud solutions to effectively manage their transactions and other digital assets.

“Such agreements, for example loans or leases, represent financial value to many companies,” said Bisbee. “Effective management of these documents is imperative to preserve their value as assets of the company.”

As part of the three-day conference, Bisbee, alongside Russ Gould, Kofax Senior Director of Product Marketing, and Rod Vesling, Vice President of Kofax SignDoc, will explore how businesses across industries can execute digital business transactions and protect those transactions post-signature. The session will highlight the benefits of managing electronic financial assets throughout their lifecycle. The digital transaction session will be presented on Tuesday, March 10 at 1 p.m. PST.

“As businesses seek innovative technology applications that will improve the customer experience, there continues to be a growing demand for services that support digital assets beyond the signature, protecting legal assets with the capability to transfer of ownership, collateralize, securitize, and other key functionality,” explained Bisbee. “The benefits of implementing an end-to-end digital solution go beyond customer services, and includes increased operational efficiency and risk mitigation through enhanced security and compliance.”

Bisbee brings to the session a wealth of knowledge of the digital transaction management industry with more than two decades of experience in the development of secure and compliant technology systems for fully electronic transactions.

As a pioneer in digital transaction management and its subset technologies, Bisbee has testified before Congress, presented to the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, the Federal Reserve Board, state legislators, Fortune 500 companies, and industry associations to share his unique insight on the digital transformation of secure document management. Recently, he was honored in 2014 with the Electronic Signature and Records Association’s inaugural Cornerstone Award.

To learn more about Bisbee’s experience in the digital transaction industry, visit: https://www.eoriginal.com/leadership-team.html.

Those interested in learning more about the conference and how they can transform their business can visit http://services.kofax.com/transform/ for more information.
About eOriginal, Inc. 
Founded in 1996, eOriginal is the trusted expert in digital transaction management solutions, specializing in the post-execution management of financial asset documentation. eOriginal SmartSign® and eAsset® Management Services enable an end-to-end solution for fully electronic transactions that must be managed with the highest levels of security and compliance throughout their lifecycle. By treating every transaction as having assets that must be verifiably secure, legally compliant and enforceable, eOriginal provides its customers and partners with eCertainty®. For more information, please visit https://www.eoriginal.com. eOriginal®, eAsset®, eOriginal SmartSign® and eCertainty® are trademarks of eOriginal, Inc. and are registered in the United States or in other jurisdictions.