Digital Transaction Leader eOriginal Delivers Mobile-Responsive Solution for eSignature Platform to the Masses

BALTIMORE – eOriginal, the digital transaction experts, today announced the launch of a mobile-responsive solution for its SmartSign® Web eSignature Platform—a unique design using leading-edge technology for the Digital Transaction Management (DTM) industry.

As mobile data usage has risen 69 percent in the last year, and 2.8 billion people—or 39 percent of the world’s population—are now on the Internet, eOriginal understands the value of implementing a mobile-responsive design to embrace the spirit of digital transformation. As contracts and assets have traditionally been signed on physical paper, the eSignature industry mirrored these paper dimensions, but neglected the needs of the varying device types on which customers engage.

The SmartSign Web Platform now boasts responsive mobile capabilities to make device-specific document presentation the central, most important part of a user’s signing process. The new mobile-friendly design provides optimal viewing, an improved interaction experience and adaptive viewing environment that makes reading, navigating and signing easy and compatible with any device. As the device screen becomes smaller—whether on a smartphone, tablet or computer—the viewing area adjusts to provide optimal use of space by collapsing non-essential areas of the document to thumbnails and option menus.

“It is very easy, and dangerous, for our industry to think in literal terms when displaying a document to a signer,” says Adam Attinello, vice president of software engineering at eOriginal. “With dozens of new mobile devices entering the market each year, along with new ways to view and interact with data, it is no longer acceptable to present a document in a way that is not optimized for the user. eSigning solutions must adapt to display the best experience possible to signers and engage them where they are most active.”

SmartSign Web has exponentially grown in popularity over the past several years, experiencing a 483 percent increase in mobile customer usage from last year. Attinello credits this to the application’s ability to provide seamless integration of any business’ requirements and transaction options. He anticipates the number of unique signing sessions will continue to grow with the addition of the mobile-responsive design launch.

Existing features of SmartSign Web also include participant authentication (OFAC lookup, security codes, SMS PIN, challenge questions); workflow management to allow for multiple signers; disclosure and consent in accordance with the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) and the Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN); and biometric signing capabilities (text, image upload, voice recording and signature pad).