Carleton and eOriginal Introduce Joint Digital Solution for Loan Origination Systems

Partnership Offers Compliant Loan Calculations, Dynamic Generation of Loan Documents, Rate Monitoring, Secure eVaulting and Accelerated Speed to Funding

Baltimore and South Bend, Ind. – September 28, 2016 – Carleton, Inc., a leading provider of compliant loan calculation and document generation software solutions, and eOriginal, Inc., the experts in digital transactions, today announced a partnership to deliver a streamlined joint solution for loan origination system (LOS) providers to support the increase in lenders who are adopting digital loan programs.

The technology solution will integrate CarletonCalcs, CarletonDocs and eOriginal’s eAsset®Management Platform to create a robust digital solution that mitigates legal and regulatory risk related to compliant consumer loan calculations, document generation, and electronic audit trails. The strategic partnership will streamline the loan closing process and speed funding cycles through fully digital record transfers and securitizations.

“LOS providers utilizing the Carleton and eOriginal integration will empower lenders to better address regulatory compliance and optimize lenders’ flexibility to move assets on to the secondary market,” commented Stephen Bisbee, president and CEO of eOriginal. “Our platform’s powerful integration with loan origination systems gives lenders the opportunity to ‘start digital and stay digital’ from loan origination all the way through to securitization.”

Supporting all loan types, regardless of asset class, the Carleton and eOriginal joint solution provides:

  • Accurate computations for all types of consumer loans and leases, including all credit insurance and debt protection products;
  • Dynamic generation of the eSign-ready loan documents based on loan type and products sold;
  • Security controls to verify the integrity of digital authoritative copy to mitigate legal and regulatory risk for critical asset backed documents; and,
  • Fully integrated digital audit trail during the entire lifecycle of the asset.

“The demonstrated technical knowledge and regulatory expertise of Carleton and eOriginal provides the lender with the needed support to meet the requirements of the ever-changing and highly regulated lending environment,” stated Pat Ruszkowski, president and CEO of Carleton.  “LOS providers can easily and quickly make available to their lenders any of the individual components offered through this digital lending solution.”

Carleton and eOriginal will unveil the joint solution next week during the Auto Finance Summit, Oct. 5 to 7 in Las Vegas.

The Carleton, Inc. and eOriginal Joint Solution:

Suite of lending calculation software components designed for easy integration into loan origination and servicing systems compliantly supporting consumer, mortgage, and commercial lending transactions on a nationwide basis.  Carleton has partnered with most of the major loan origination, auto DMS, menu selling, and CRM software companies providing nationwide compliant lending and leasing calculations and support services.

Suite of document generation software components and support services designed for easy integration into lending systems, compliantly supporting the generation of all the documents associated with consumer, mortgage, and commercial transactions. Carleton has partnered with the major loan origination, auto dealer management, menu selling, and CRM software companies providing nationwide compliant and dynamic document generation software and support services.

eOriginal’s eAsset Management Platform

The eOriginal solution enables businesses to go beyond simple electronic signature functionality to manage the entire lifecycle of a digital transaction in a fully electronic environment. For needs ranging from secure storage to pledging or collateralizing in the secondary market, we treat each and every transaction within this platform as a financial asset that must be verifiably secure, legally compliant and enforceable. These post-signature services can be classified in three categories: Vaulting, Transaction, and Transferable Records Services.

For more information about implementing the integrated technology solution, please contact Brian Kelly, eOriginal’s Vice President of Business Development, at

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About Carleton Inc.

Carleton is the leading provider of compliant lending and leasing calculation software and dynamic document generation software serving the banking, credit union, and auto lending industry.  Founded on compliance expertise at a federal and state level in 1969, the company’s client list has grown to include most of the major lenders, credit insurance companies and loan origination software providers in the United States.  To learn more about Carleton and Carleton Lending Solutions, go to or contact Rob Hosinski at 800-433-0090 Ext. 245 or

About eOriginal

Founded in 1996, eOriginal is the trusted expert in digital transaction management solutions, specializing in the post-execution management of financial asset documentation. eOriginal SmartSign® and eAsset® Management Services enable an end-to-end solution for fully electronic transactions that must be managed with the highest levels of security and compliance throughout their lifecycle. By treating every transaction as having assets that must be verifiably secure, legally compliant and enforceable, eOriginal provides its customers and partners with eCertainty®. For more information, please visit eOriginal®, eAsset®, eOriginal SmartSign® and eCertainty® are trademarks of eOriginal, Inc. and are registered in the United States or in other jurisdictions.