Enabling an End-to-End Digital Process

An industry pioneer and named to HousingWire’s 2018 HW Tech100™, eOriginal supports all types of digital closing strategies that will scale in today’s environment, including eNote-only closings and lender document closing. The solution has been pivotal to the scalability and adoption of technology in the mortgage ecosystem for companies such as Fannie Mae, Quicken Loans and MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. Fannie Mae’s utilization of eOriginal’s platform validated the benefits of the company’s platform, including enhanced management capabilities, accelerated deployment, and reduced overall costs.

eOriginal provides a digital mortgage platform that allows originators and their partners in the secondary market to realize scale that they never thought was possible, turning the desire for eMortgage benefits into reality. Our solution includes:

  • On-demand “zero-footprint” signing solution
  • Approved by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and MERS
  • Robust API for deep system integration
  • Trusted by the financial services industry
  • Manage interactions between all parties in the loan process in a thorough and auditable manner to reduce risk for lenders.
  • Provide visibility, security and auditability to assure proof and verification of the final disposition of documents.
  • Manage the assets as transferable records within the secondary market.
  • Join the growing ecosystem of banks, originators, lenders, investors, funders, and other key decision makers that trust eOriginal.

eOriginal’s Close with Confidence program provides settlement agents customized access to key lender documents, including the eNote, in a fully digital environment. The benefits are available without the need to sign a lengthy term contract, pay additional fees or attend extensive training.  To join the companies below and others that are making digital closing a reality, contact


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“Supporting our customers’ transition to digital closings is a priority for us, and the addition of eOriginal will expand options available to our customers to originate and deliver eMortgages to Fannie Mae.”

Michael Cafferky, eMortgage Product Manager, Fannie Mae