White Papers

OmniVault: Maximize Your Digital Lending & Asset Management

Built upon the foundation of eOriginal’s industry-leading digital lending solution and its vaulting functionality, the OmniVault enables you to securely manage your electronically signed assets throughout their entire post-execution lifecycle. Read this brief to learn more about this vault, specially purposed for the auto finance space.

Paper In® Process

Paper In® supports paper signing when eSignature is not an option. Read this solution brief for insight into its proprietary four-step process, and how it enables organizations to manage assets digitally, post-signature, while maintaining the highest levels of compliance.

Paper Out® Process

Paper Out® facilitates the removal of an Electronic Original® document from the repository. This solution brief covers how resulting original document may then be managed in either paper or electronic media, outside of the repository.

SBA Stimulus: Ensure Your Loans Are Fully Compliant and Legally Enforceable

This executive brief sheds light on the top digital loan requirements outlined in the SBA’s SOP guide and established laws, as well as how eOriginal’s Digital Asset Certainty solution ensures digital certainty of secured party interest perfection throughout the entire digital financial asset lifecycle.