White Papers

eLeasing Digital Playbook: Equipment Lease and Finance

Join the Digital Revolution in Equipment Lease and Finance

A fully digital transaction management (DTM) solution provides greater benefits for firms in the equipment lease and finance space and enables improved customer user experience, enhances operational efficiencies and eliminates paper-related transaction costs.

The Digital Revolution: A Giant Leap for the Mortgage Industry

This overview of digital mortgage will explore the various elements in the process, evaluate the state of industry acceptance, and steps to ensure broad adoption.

Building Future Certainty in Asset Management for Marketplace Lenders

As complexity and risk rise within the industry, the need for ironclad digital contract management practices that provide unique authoritative copies of the assets and certainty will be a necessity.

Hearing the Alarm: Signing and Asset Management for Security Companies in the Digital Age

Many security companies have had barriers to adopting e-signing, the most prevalent being the complex post-contract execution processes needed with security contracts. However, innovative Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solutions can now help companies realize the sales, efficiency and RMR-bolstering capabilities of e-signing and e-contracting in their businesses.