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Bridging the Settlement and Lender Divide in a Digital World

To ensure a note is valid and can be sold on the secondary market, lenders and settlement agents must work together with nearly flawless precision before and during a closing. Unfortunately, settlement agents and lenders often encounter obstacles that stand in the way of that flawless execution. Join us in this session as leaders from the lender and settlement communities together to discuss best practices for conducting a closing in an increasingly digital world.

The Digital Transformation of Equipment Leasing: Slow No More

Equipment lease and finance is changing faster than ever before. The slow-and-steady approach the industry has used in the past is no longer acceptable, as the broader digital lending economy becomes the new normal. In this session, industry experts will discuss the exponential rate of innovation and the growing need to adopt technologies that meet consumer expectations, drive efficiencies and accelerate funding.

Building Your End-to-End eContracting Experience in Auto Finance

The digital transformation of auto finance continues to spread across the ecosystem. Whether direct or indirect lending, it is no longer “if” but “when” you will make the transition or need to expand or update your technology to meet the demands of today’s market. Two of the leading technology companies in auto finance will provide valuable insights as they discuss digital best practices and how originators and lenders can prioritize tech stack building and expansion.
Digital Mortgage

Digital Mortgage and the Secondary Market: Understanding the Full Lifecycle of the eNote

Both bank and non-bank lenders—and their financial networks—are discovering that a digital mortgage strategy is a competitive necessity to drive growth and profitability. Digital processes provide direct access to borrowers and accelerates the speed of delivery of high-quality, data-rich trusted mortgage documents to the secondary market. Today, technology can be used to manage, deliver and transfer the electronic promissory note (eNote) with greater efficiency and the confidence of knowing that a superior product is being acquired.

Mortgage and the State of Digital Closings: What’s Possible and Capturing the Benefits

Digital mortgage continues to be top of mind across the ecosystem as key players work to create a seamless electronic experience to meet consumer demands and scale the benefits enabled by technology. In this session, industry experts will focus on digital closings, including what is possible today, key components, the benefits of a fully digital solution and the obstacles that remain for full adoption.
Digital Mortgage: eNote Considerations, Legal Enforceability and Industry Adoption

Digital Mortgage: eNote Considerations, Legal Enforceability and Industry Adoption

The electronic promissory note, or eNote, is recognized as the most important piece of the mortgage puzzle and its validity is essential for the downstream life of the loan on the secondary market. As digital continues to disrupt mortgage processes, participants in the ecosystem need to develop a clear understanding of the eNote, legal parameters, enforceability concerns, and industry acceptance.

ELFA’s Educational Gateway Session IV: The Impact of eLeasing on Funders

Access to capital is an essential component of the $1 trillion-dollar equipment lease and finance industry. To continue its steady growth trajectory, equipment lease and finance leaders need to utilize eLeasing and digital transaction technology to enhance the funder experience from a post-closing perspective, including commercial lines of credit for funding partners that focus on payment streams. In this session, thought leaders will discuss the benefits of eLeasing to funders versus a traditional lending process and resolve any lingering concerns over acceptance.

Educational Gateway: Legal and Compliance Considerations for an eLeasing Transition

The legal and compliance requirements surrounding the execution and management of eLeasing can appear intimidating, but must be understood before selecting a digital solution. In the third edition of ELFA's Educational Gateway Webinar Series, industry experts provide key information surrounding legal and regulatory considerations within the equipment leasing space.

Decoding Digital Lending for Vehicle Finance

The partnership between dealers and lenders is co-dependent and relies on trust, transparency and knowledge. Watch our on demand webinar featuring eOriginal's Director of Value Engineering and Georgine Muntz of defi SOLUTIONS to learn how to enhance vehicle finance operations with digital technology and key considerations for choosing the right solution.

More than eSignature: Capturing the Full Value of Digital Transformation

The wide-spread adoption of eSignatures has improved business operations across industries. Yet eSignature use is only one required aspect for a company-wide digital transformation effort, especially in financial services and other highly scrutinized industries. In this on demand webinar, learn the five essentials for digital transformation.  Watch eOriginal's President, Steve Bisbee and featured guest Craig Le Clair, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester for their on demand webinar.

eOriginal is all about making your life easier. Our videos are crafted to provide a clear, thorough and useful understanding of what it takes to protect your most valuable assets. Find out why eOriginal is the true end to end solution for secure, legal and defendable electronic transaction management.

Vacation Ownership Video: Paperless/Mobile Transactions For Westgate Resorts Timeshare Sales

eOriginal, DocuSign, and Informa Software recently joined forces to deliver a seamless end-to-end Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution for Westgate Resorts. View our video now and learn how an end-to-end DTM solution will enhance business operations across the vacation ownership industry.

eOriginal Video: Your Business is Ready to Embrace Digital Transactions

eOriginal’s eAsset® Management Solutions address business challenges facing organizations and their customers who need to do more than securely store their electronic assets post-signature. View our video now and learn how eOriginal’s services will enhance business operations across the entire enterprise.