Bridging the Settlement and Lender Divide in a Digital World

Watch leaders from the lender and settlement communities discuss digital closing best practices and insights into the importance of both communities working together to ensure a note is valid and can be sold on the secondary market.

The Digital Transformation of Equipment Leasing: Slow No More

Industry experts discuss the exponential growth in digital equipment lease and finance innovation, and the need to adopt technologies that meet customer expectations, drive efficiencies, and accelerate funding.

Building Your End-to-End eContracting Experience in Auto Finance

Experts from two leading auto finance tech companies share digital best practices and how originators and lenders can - and should - prioritize tech stack building and expansion.
Digital Mortgage

Digital Mortgage and the Secondary Market: Understanding the Full Lifecycle of the eNote

Experts share insights into a successful digital mortgage strategy, including key milestones in mortgage digitization, best practices for improving loan quality and investor convidence, and accelerating digital adoption.

Mortgage and the State of Digital Closings: What’s Possible and Capturing the Benefits

Industry experts take a deep dive into digital closings, including today's possibilities, key components, the benefits of a fully digital solution, and the obstacles you might face on the way to a full adoption.
Digital Mortgage: eNote Considerations, Legal Enforceability and Industry Adoption

Digital Mortgage: eNote Considerations, Legal Enforceability and Industry Adoption

This session delves into the electronic promissory note, or eNote, including how it works and why it's important and the legal enforceability and compliance considerations you must take into account.

ELFA’s Educational Gateway Session IV: The Impact of eLeasing on Funders

This ELFA and eOriginal webinar discusses the benefits of eLeasing in the equipment lease and finance sector. Get insights including what funders can gain with eLeasing technology, how it empowers growth opportunity, and how eLeasing improves funding efficiencies.

Educational Gateway: Legal and Compliance Considerations for an eLeasing Transition

Gain insights into the legal and compliance requirements for eLeasing, including what you must consider before and after adopting an eLeasing solution, how the courts view eLeasing documents, and what an electronic solution looks like from a legal perspective.

Decoding Digital Lending for Vehicle Finance

Learn how to enhance vehicle finance operations with digital technology and key considerations for choosing the right solution, with experts from eOriginal and defi SOLUTIONS.

More than eSignature: Capturing the Full Value of Digital Transformation

In this webinar, learn the five essentials for digital transformation as well as the key technology components required to manage a full digital lifecycle.