What is A Digital Signature?

Most people think a digital signature is the application of an electronic representation of a signature to a document. In fact, a digital signature involves a formal process of utilizing a digital certificate issued by a Certificate Authority (e.g. VeriSign, GoDaddy, Comodo) that uses public key cryptography to create a unique representation of a message or document. SmartSign incorporates both electronic signatures and digital signatures to simplify the capture across multiple channels such as web, mobile, point of sale, and others.

An Electronic Signature is a Great Start, but just the Start!

A digital signature can be legally binding but that is only the first component of creating a digital asset whose value must be protected in accordance with business practices and compliance with legal and regulatory statutes appropriate to the industry in which the asset will reside.

Electronic Signatures Help Businesses Grow Through Streamlining Processes.

What makes a successful business in today’s world? I have spent countless nights asking myself this very question.  From front-line salespeople to high-level executives, businesses around the world are actively …

5 Key Components to Producing Legally Enforceable Electronic Signatures

eOriginal® solutions comply with all five requirements for enforceability. Additionally, eOriginal offers businesses the flexibility and cost-savings of hosted, online document execution and vaulting or, if they prefer, taking the execution and vaulting functions behind the firewall on their own servers with an enterprise license. For more information on eOriginal® solutions and technology, feel free to contact our sales department.

Lenders and Consumers Close Mortgages Quicker by Expediting Compliance with the New Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act

By enabling lenders to deliver the initial TILA disclosure as soon as it is available, eOriginal SmartSign® Web accelerates the ability of lenders to collect the fees necessary to actually begin the loan approval and closing process

Pioneer Services To Utilize eOriginal Electronic Signature & Vaulting Solution For Secure Processing Of Consumer Financial Transactions

eOriginal, Inc., a leader in enabling end–to–end paperless transactions, announced today that Pioneer Services, the Military Banking Division of MidCountry Bank, has joined eOriginal’s high–level financial institution client list and is using the electronic signature and vaulting solution of SmartSign® Web and eCore® On Demand. Transactions for Pioneer Services will now be executed electronically and managed throughout their lifecycle within the eCore® electronic vault.

Electronic OnBoarding & The Human Resources Professional

Automated & electronic onboarding can save your organization a great deal of time & money as well as providing a secure, enforceable legally compliant process. It is also a great way for Human Resources departments to participate in your company's green initiative.

eOriginal SmartSign® Web Feature Spotlight: Who Is Electronically Signing Your Contracts?

eOriginal SmartSign® Web dramatically reduces potential losses and fraud attempts. With eOriginal's OFAC and Patriot Act Complaint third party verification feature, you always feel secure. eOriginal can now alleviate that burden by verifying potential signer information against different data sources that include the Social Security Administration, Regional Bell Operating Companies, credit header data, government watch lists, and many other proprietary sources.

Leading US Automotive Finance Company Selects eOriginal Electronic Signature Solution for Dealer Finance Transactions

Automation of Dealer Finance Transactions with electronic signatures for 12,000 Dealers will Speed Transactions for Customers and Dramatically Reduce Costs eOriginal, Inc., a leader in electronic signatures, eVaulting and electronic …

eOriginal Customer, Madison Capital – 30% Increase to Bottom Line through Electronic Signatures.

Madison Capital saves 30% through deployment of eOriginal's electronic signature solution.