Compliance: Penalty Box or Competitive Differentiation?

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The Trickiness of Digital Engagement

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Digital Business

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Digital Transformation or Lipstick on a Bulldog?

On a recent flight, I listened to a senior corporate leader describe how their new digital technology was going to improve customer experience for his organization. This brought to mind …

Could The Technology behind Bitcoins Be Used to Manage eAssets?

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Case Study: Reduce Your Shipping Costs

At eOriginal, we provide consulting services to help our customers understand what it takes to convert from a paper contract process to an electronic process. One of the things that …

Two Additional Authentication Options for On Premise Customers

We are excited to announce that we have recently added Single Sign On authentication support to our eAsset® Management Services.  Now our On Premise customers that use a Single Sign …

“Is That a Requirement?”

One of the biggest challenges of a technology project is simply determining the proper requirements.  At eOriginal, we strive to facilitate open communication between our customer’s technical and business stakeholders.  …

User For a Day

I am a software developer for eOriginal. I lead a pretty typical software developer life. As such, I don’t own any eAssets or Transferable Records and it isn’t often that …

New Trends and Technologies for Security Alarm Companies in 2012

I just returned from The 2012 ESI Forum and ESA Leadership Summit in Irving, TX, which was a wonderful event on many different levels. The networking opportunities, meetings and sessions all contributed to make this a great way to kick off the New Year.

How SmartSign Helps Security Alarm Companies to Re-Contract?

eOriginal can tie into your existing CRM; with the click of a button we will automatically pull client information from your CRM, add it to the new contract in the appropriate fields, and send your customer an invitation to sign. Your customer then is guided through an easy and intuitive eSigning contract renewal process by eOriginal’s SmartSign.

Considerations and Benefits of eSignatures in the Security Alarm Industry

eOriginal has had the opportunity and pleasure to work with a few innovative Security Alarm Companies to help them to streamline their business processes using SmartSign, our electronic signature and lifecycle management solution.

Tuesday’s Tip – Setting Up Another Authentication Layer in SmartSign Web

Smart-phones are a life-line or hub of information for most businesses today so it only makes sense for the use of SMS (Short Message Service) text message notifications as a means of signer authentication. With eOriginal SmartSign, SMS/text ID verification can be applied in two separate methods for an added level of security:

Tuesday’s Tip – eOriginal Working to Create a Streamlined Signing Experience Using Google Docs.

eOriginal clients have the ability to link their Google account to their eOriginal login in order to import Google documents during the transaction creation in SmartSign Web.

Direct Auto Finance: The Lenders’ Story, Part 2

eOriginal’s SmartSign electronic signature and lifecycle management solutions have allowed direct lenders to close this loop, completely streamlining the lending process - from qualification to closing, all in one quick session. SmartSign enables these accelerated processes without compromising the legal or negotiable value of the documents being signed.

Tuesday’s Tip – Transaction XRefs – useful search tool

eOriginal clients commonly use the Transaction ID or Status values to search for a transaction(s). Transaction External References (1-3 ) are fields that can be customized to meet your organization’s business needs. The benefit of customizing these labels allows your users yet another way to search for or batch processing needs.

Tuesday Tip: Upload a signed paper document using eOriginal’s Paper In™ process

eOriginal now introduces a Paper In process that allows our customers to accomplish this goal. Paper In is a controlled action that enables you to convert a paper original to an Electronic Original Document (Authoritative Copy). The document, once the process is complete, will contain the electronic signature of the user you designated to confirm the destruction of the paper original.

Tuesday Tips: Make Every Signer Feel Like Your Most Important Signer

With SmartSign's interactive dashboard you may quickly and easily create a transaction with any of your Transaction Types with just 1 click!

What is the difference between an Electronic and Digital Signature?

With the use of electronic signatures becoming more prevalent in today’s office atmosphere, businesses are quickly recognizing the value and benefits that come along with adopting electronic processes.

Tuesday Tip: Streamlining transaction creation in eOriginal SmartSign®

Transaction Types are a great tool in cutting down the time to create a transaction and ensure the right document(s) and signature action are used for each. Transaction Types allow the user to pre-define document packages.