Collect and Analyze Asset-Level Data

DatalyticsTM – a real-time robust asset-level auditing and compliance solution that allows users to quickly respond to audit requests and prevent errors and resubmissions.

The new monitoring and reporting solution enables a full chain of custody across the loan process at the asset-level, which will provide an unprecedented level of insight and due diligence while saving time, reducing risk and decreasing costs.


Real-Time Audit Solution with Configurable Dashboard

Extend eOriginal’s warrant of document-level data and document association.

Asset-Level Data Access to Securitization Buyers

Provide access to potential buyers of securitization pools to asset-level data that covers inception through the lifecycle of the asset, before and after sale.

Intuitive Drill Down Data Analysis

Utilize drill down capability for your loan data from infographics to data, audit trails and underlying documents.

Risk and Compliance Auditing and Reporting

Implement data-integrated checks on an adhoc or scheduled basis for your internal compliance and external auditing, delivering findings to your audit team or legal counsel.

Notifications and Monitoring

Never miss an irregularity in your data again with threshold notifications by email or SMS. Monitoring also available for securitization pools and key tranches.    

Why We're Different

Real-Time Auditing v. Point-In-Time Reporting

Audit reports are usually point-in-time reports or done as part of a service. On-going reporting allows you to stay on-top of your compliance.

One Tool for the Entire Process

Unlike external tools that analyze just a portion of the loan process, this solution analyzes the entire process with little-to-no effort.

Little Integration/Maintenance Efforts

This solution allows for rapid deployment with easy access to infographics that require no coding.

Access to the Full Data Set

With other solutions the full dataset created during origination/doc prep processes are not kept or remain available to audit and compliance. We maintain the full data set  so you do not have to recreate it or conduct lengthy research during the audit.

One Database for All Audits

Most financial services audit processes rely on creating custom databases per audit request then pulling from multiple silos – some for data and some for documents. We save you time by having all of the data and documents in one place.

Empower Internal Audit Reviews

Datalytics allows for ongoing monitoring of compliance with bank-specific policies and provides the asset-level data that will be required under REG AB.