Elite Extra

Electronic Signatures and eAsset® Management Solutions provide a fast ROI for Elite Extra


Elite Extra tracks drivers and provides an estimated time of arrival for customers. The company was looking to provide its customers a secure real-time electronic signature solution to eSign documents as proof of delivery or services provided, and a fully automated paperless system for clients.


After an extensive search for an electronic signature solution to help streamline Elite Extra’s customers’ operations they chose eOriginal as a natural complement to their existing system and one that provides a fast return on investment for both dealers and parts suppliers. Electronic signature capture is embedded into a web browser on the driver’s cell phone for capturing the signature of the person receiving the order. The signature is then stored for the customer with the pertinent details of the delivery, invoice or work order, and accessible in real-time via Elite Extra’s customer web portal.


  • Creation of the first routing and tracking system that combines automated optimal routes at an affordable price point with real-time electronic signature capture for parts delivery.
  • eSignature capture will further augment a proven ROI of 15% through route optimization and driver and dispatcher efficiencies, by reducing the amount of time staff spend in searching and accessing paper documents.
  • A streamlined solution creates a paperless and more efficient process for Elite Extra’s customer.

“eOriginal’s eSignature capture further augments a proven ROI by 15% through route optimization.”