eOriginal Executes Transfer of Control and Risk Management for Comvest


In 2016, Comvest Capital needed assistance to enforce its claim over pledged collateral. The investment firm had lent an estimated $65 million to Aequitas Capital Management, whose assets and related entities and subsidiaries were placed into receivership following a lawsuit by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Comvest deployed eOriginal’s eAsset® Management solution to enforce its claim. Convest’s Electronic Collateral Control Agreement (ECCA) allowed the company to take control of the Freedom Financial portfolio if Aequitas defaulted, and under the ECCA, eOriginal was the designated electronic vault for the assets in question. 

eOriginal successfully executed a seamless assumption of exclusive control of the Freedom Financial portfolio by Comvest. 


Comvest’s utilization of eOriginal’s eAsset® Management solution allowed it to reap results including: 

  • Recouping 7,862 assets from Aequitas, mitigating risk and protecting their vested interest 
  • Defending the integrity of the Freedom Financial portfolio, since it originated with eOriginal
  • Account provisioning, technical training services, as well as advanced authoritative copy management from eOriginal, allowing Comvest to address the assumption of exclusive control

Download full copy here. 

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