How Corcentric Delivered a Streamlined, Cost-Effective Customer Experience by Digitizing Equipment Leasing


Corcentric, which delivers spend and revenue management solutions as well as fleet financing services, operates in a highly regulated industry with lease transactions involving a complicated and time-consuming paper-based process that required numerous manual workflows and time-sensitive bank quotes. When the Covid-19 crisis struck, the enterprise realized it needed to pivot quickly to remote, contactless experiences.


Corcentric chose the eOriginal® SmartSign™ eSignature solution and eOriginal eAsset® Management eVault solution to digitize its equipment leasing operations and deliver a superior customer experience.


Corcentric’s mission to provide its clients with a first-class customer experience and meet customer demand by going digital has been a resounding success. Download the full copy to learn how digitization allowed the company to:

  • Simplify its interactions with clients and funding partners alike
  • Save time and costs
  • Identify new opportunities for higher profitability

Download the full copy here. 

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