Why Having Your Documents Signed Electronically Still May Not Be Enough!

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In recent years, having documents signed electronically and moving to a fully automated process has not just become extremely popular; it has become a necessity for most businesses to efficiently operate. I have had the privilege of speaking with many businesses, large and small, who are ready to create a simple straight-through process that not only cuts overhead cost, but creates an easy, efficient, user friendly experience. eOriginal SmartSign® not only meets these expectations, it exceeds them, time and time again.

One common misconception that I often run into is once documents have been signed electronically in a secure, legally compliant manner, the process is complete. Well guess what, Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s not exactly correct! I am notoriously known for being short, simple and straight to the point, so here are a few questions to consider when making your decision to go paperless;

  • Are my electronic documents secured at all times?
  • Who has access to my documents and personal or proprietary information within?
  • Will my documents hold up in the court of law?
  • If my documents are challenged legally, how can I produce legally enforceable and admissible documents that have not been compromised?
  • If my electronically signed digital assets hold any monetary value, will I be able to offer those documents in the secondary market?
  • If I am working with a company or an individual who require paper originals, does my system meet all requirements to create an Authoritative Copy?

For fifteen years eOriginal and our eCore® platform have helped businesses to answer these questions, not only through the front-end signing process, but through our trusted repository which allows businesses to securely manage their documents throughout their entire lifecycle. eOriginal’s electronic signatures processes have been tried and tested, taking the burden of trying to answer these questions off of your shoulders.