User For a Day

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I am a software developer for eOriginal. I lead a pretty typical software developer life. As such, I don’t own any eAssets or Transferable Records and it isn’t often that I have a document I need someone else to sign. While I interact with our software on a daily basis as a developer, I don’t really interact with it as a user. I have a lot of pride in the software we produce, so I’ve always lamented that it isn’t something that I have a use for personally.

So recently when I had a document I needed several people to sign, I jumped at the opportunity to use SmartSign Web. Admittedly, some of our competitors’ solutions are more tailored to individual users like me that may have one document a year to sign, whereas our software is geared more towards commercial users. But I don’t work for our competitors, and I don’t have any pride in their software, so I wanted to use SmartSign Web.

Since I was starting from scratch, I needed to create an organization and a user account to start using SmartSign Web. For my simple use-case, it was a breeze. I had my organization set up and was testing my document in no time. Since the setup was so quick, I went back and set up some more complex email notification rules, document retention policies, permissions, etc., and customized the signing application’s appearance. After a little more tinkering and testing, I was ready to send out my signing invitations.

I needed to collect four signatures on my document. One was my wife’s, which would have been just as easy to get with a pen and paper, but the other three were from people I don’t see regularly. A caveat to the fact that this was my first time using SmartSign Web as a user is that my wife has never seen any of my work. I knew right away she was thoroughly impressed with her experience signing the document online. She said to me, “So this is what you work on all day long? It [SmartSign Web] looks finished. Does this mean you’ll be home early today?”–See, thoroughly impressed.

Because of the email notification rules I set up, I received an email when each signer signed. I also received an email when one signer logged out before signing the document, so I was able to follow up with them to make sure they weren’t having any trouble. Later that evening, I received an email notification confirming that the last signer had signed the document and my transaction was now completed. Wow, that was easy. My wife was so impressed that I was able to get the document signed without having to drive around collecting the signatures that she suggested I use the time I saved to take out the trash. Again, thoroughly impressed.

It was fun finally getting to use the software I develop in a real use case. Now that I am the proud owner of an eAsset, I am even more proud of the software we produce at eOriginal.