Tuesday’s Tip – Transaction XRefs – useful search tool

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eOriginal clients commonly use the Transaction ID or Status values to search for a transaction(s).  Transaction External References (1-3 ) are fields that can be customized to meet your organization’s business needs.

The benefit of customizing these labels allows your users yet another way to search for or batch processing needs.

Transaction Labels are the headings that appear above the Transaction list to the on the Command Center – Workspace page (see example below).

These same labels are also used to describe transactions in the SmartSign application.

Transaction Labels’ names can be updated in the Command Center Administration area.  (See Settings – Transaction Labels).

Smart Sign Web clients can coordinate the labels values by accessing the Setup Application tab under Administration – System Account.

After the values have been updated there is now an updated tool to meet your business needs.

Take some time to view a brief presentation on how eOriginal’s Transaction Labels can help your organization improve your management of Electronic Original transactions and documents.

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For further information, please watch this quick tutorial or contact eOriginal Support (support@eoriginal.com).