Tuesday Tips: Signing On The Go

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In today’s modern world it seems we have all been tied to our smart phones for years now. We have been able to check our emails at the airport, send out status updates from the bar during happy hour, now you can easily sign your documents on the go.

eOriginal’s latest SmartSign release brings enhanced on-the go signing right to your finger tips. With no apps to install, simply click on a link in your email and the SmartSign Signature Service will launch right in your browser. SmartSign will detect if you are using a mobile device and display an optimized signing room for your device. If you are on a device with a smaller screen, you will receive a more streamlined signing experience. If you are on a larger mobile device, like an iPad, you will see the more robust signing room with some device specific enhancements.

After entering the signing room SmartSign will detect you are on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch, etc), and will automatically convert any non-text signatures (mouse signatures, image signatures, pad based signatures) right to finger signatures. As you interact with the signing room you will be prompted to sign each location with the touch of your finger.

SmartSign Web also supports all of the gestures we have become accustomed to in our iOS devices. These gestures include things like, pinching in and out to zoom, or scrolling inner content with two fingers, even rotate your device and watch the Signing Room adjust so that you may view and interact with your documents how you want.

iPad Login Landing Page iPad Touch Signing

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