Tuesday Tip: Upload a signed paper document using eOriginal’s Paper In™ process

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One of the benefits of using eOriginal is the ability for documents to be marked as eSigned and secured in the eCore vault. What about those signed paper documents?
Can those documents be converted from a signed paper original to a secure Electronic Original® Document?

eOriginal now introduces a Paper In process that allows our customers to accomplish this goal. Paper In is a controlled action that enables you to convert a paper original to an Electronic Original Document (Authoritative Copy). The document, once the process is complete, will contain the electronic signature of the user you designated to confirm the destruction of the paper original.

The Paper In process is an asynchronous process involving the following steps:

  • the document is converted to an electronic document (typically through a scanning process)
  • the electronic document is uploaded to the eCore vault in a locked status
  • the source paper and its copies are destroyed
  • the destruction is confirmed through the Paper In approval.

This process requires specific eCore configurations and your overall process should be reviewed with an eOriginal support representative prior to attempting any Paper In.

Take some time to view a presentation on how eOriginal’s Paper In process can help your organization convert paper originals to Electronic Original documents.

Click to view a brief presentation of eOriginal’s Paper In Process

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