Top Three Reasons eOriginal and DocuSign are Exhibiting Together at LendIt Europe

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In just seven days we’ll be exhibiting alongside our partner DocuSign at the LendIt Europe Conference in London. LendIt is the lending industry’s number one networking event for business development and education in the Peer-to-Peer industry.


LendIt Europe

Marketplace lending is arguably the hottest spot for financial innovation today and LendIt is right at its center, stoking the fires with great education, content, and networking…”

– Penelope Holt, Chief Marketing Officer, Borrowers First


It’s no secret that the marketplace lending sector is growing exponentially, not only in the United States, but across the globe. According to a 2015 pan-European study of the alternative finance market, the peer-to-peer consumer lending sector has experienced a 272% growth between 2012 and 2014 pushing the market into being classified as a mainstream EU lending outlet.

As the European government and regulators determine their role in marketplace lending, it is essential for lenders to implement robust asset management systems to provide consumer and regulator trust in their processes.

Here are the top three reasons why marketplace lenders need eOriginal and DocuSign:

Revolutionary Industry needs Innovative Technology

Born into a digital world, marketplace lenders already use digital assets (e.g., contracts, closing documents) to capture the loan and transfer ownership of the asset to the appropriate banks and investors.

However, smart marketplace lenders are getting ahead of the curve by adopting more robust digital asset management processes and systems, especially as post-signature lifecycle management becomes more prevalent. As complexity and risk rise within the industry, the need for ironclad digital contract management practices that provide unique authoritative copies of the assets and certainty will be a necessity.

Helping Lenders Stand out in a Crowd

A growing industry like this has new companies popping up all over the world at a rapid pace. We feel that together we can help these similar organizations standout in the crowd by providing them with innovative technology that allows them and their customers to close deals faster, transfer funds and contracts quicker and streamline the way they do business.

Joint Software Platform is a Great Fit for Marketplace Lending

Since 2011, eOriginal and DocuSign have been perfecting their joint software platform. DocuSign’s eSignature services integrated with eOriginal’s eAsset® Management Platform have helped numerous financial institutions take their business digital.

Over 130 organizations use DocuSign and eOriginal’s Digital Transaction Management solution to execute contracts and agreements. Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Metro Bank benefit from improved compliance, faster speed of business and a better customer journey.

Often, these contracts represent transferable or negotiable instruments such as leases and loans or other valuable assets. Our software is a great fit for this industry because we help organizations protect the value and integrity of contracts throughout their entire lifecycle using a proven and rating agency-approved compliant process.

We know that the major players in this sector will benefit from our solution. If you are planning on attending the London conference next week we’ll be at booth number 5C. We’re excited to demo our solution at the LendIt conference and show this industry what the logical next phase is for doing business electronically.

Download our Marketplace Lending White Paper

With new regulations on the horizon, now is the time for marketplace lenders to build certainty in your digital asset management practices.

Download our recently released white paper, “Building Future Certainty in Asset Management for Marketplace Lenders,” to read an in-depth outline of all of the changes that are coming to the industry and how you can quickly respond to them.