Tip of the Week: Parent/Child Search Update

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With the release of our recent Mobile-Responsive Solution for our SmartSign® eSignature Platform and other cutting-edge technological updates on the horizon, eOriginal has decided to launch our newest blog series: Tip of the Week.

This will allow our customers, both current and potential, and loyal followers, to better navigate our new releases without having to decipher the complex software jargon on our website and understand the important components within each release.

Today’s Tip: Parent/Child Relationship

This week’s featured “Tip” pertains to the Parent/Child relationship within our eAsset® Management Vault, and more importantly how the search on Child organization statuses has changed.

Previously in Workspace search, the only statuses that were displayed while searching were the Parent organizations’ statuses. For example, in the previous version of our platform, even if the proper permissions were given to a parent company it would not be able to readily view the completion status for any transaction within their child companies.

To provide greater functionality to our services, our brilliant programmers here at eOriginal have updated our platform to ensure that both Parent and Child statuses will be displayed in Workspace searches.

How It Works

In a Parent/Child relationship where the parent user has Get Organization Configuration permissions in the Child Organization, the Child Organization statuses will be displayed in the dropdown menu.

In layman’s terms, once the parent company Water Bottle Inc. has the proper permissions given to one of their child companies, such as Coffee Cup LLC, it will increase the efficiency of Water Bottle Inc’s ability to see all of the transaction statuses within Coffee Cup LLC.

Parent-Child Blog

With this new dropdown menu, organizations will also have the ability to see multiple statuses at the same time. So, if Water Bottle Inc. had several child companies, such as Coffee Cup LLC, The Headphone Group, and Mouse Capital, the company would be able to view all of these different statuses at once within the dropdown.

Why It’s Important

In response to customer demand, this newly released feature provides all of our customers with is increased efficiency. Instead of searching and researching for ten to fifteen minutes for the information, customers can access the information in less than thirty seconds with our convenient dropdown menu.

Be sure to check back next week for another Tip of the Week!