Even When You’re an Industry Leader, There’s Always More to Learn

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Route 1. Nissan. Chrysler. Harley Davidson. The list goes on and on…

If it is a digital lease or financing agreement to buy a vehicle, there’s a good chance that an eOriginal digital transaction management (DTM) solution is involved, whether it is the eOriginal SmartSign® Web or eAsset® Management Services or, as is often the case, both.

And after more than a decade working with auto finance companies, we have developed some keen insights into the industry and how to integrate and maximize the value of DTM. However, we also understand that there is always something new to learn.

That is why two of our senior account execs – Brad Pederson and Lou Olivieri – are at the American Financial Services Association (AFSA) Vehicle Finance Conference, which is underway in San Francisco. Soon, a panel of industry experts will have a critical discussion about the state and future of automotive financing. Not surprisingly, innovation is part of an ever changing landscape, as well as the increasing need to respond to customers and partners with high expectations of speed and accuracy via technology.

Within the DTM space, we continue to use our expertise on the things that separate eOriginal – security, compliance, auditability, securitization and collateralization – but we also have an eye on the future to determine how this information and data from eAsset® Management Services and SmartSign Web can help the industry make more informed decisions.

The fact is that wherever you stand in your industry and your space, you must be continually looking forward and aware of the demands of your consumers.