The Day After ELFA: What Are You Going to Take Away From It?

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The networking and the intense knowledge sharing is over, all culminating in a wonderful and amazing night aboard the USS Midway.

However, once you have taken the long trip home and settled back into your office, you will reflect and wonder, “What precisely will I take away from the ELFA Annual Convention 2014?”

ELFA celebrate a successful convention with closing ceremonies on the USS Midway. Photo By Luciof (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons.
The USS Midway

Naturally, there will be great connections with people from across the industry, but you will also be looking for something tangible. A tact to consider is greater integration of Digital Transaction Management (DTM) into your business operations.

This was the subject of a thorough and lively discussion during ELFA Annual Convention. During the session, “Understanding the Risks and Opportunities of Electronic Chattel Paper and Other Documents,” the panel, which included eOriginal President and CEO Stephen Bisbee, discussed the future of DTM, perceived risks, and how it is already at work in the equipment leasing industry. There were also great examples of how Tesla is using DTM and our eAsset Management Services to improve customer service and reduces transaction costs.

If you are interesting in learning more, we encourage you to register for a webinar on Nov. 6. Leading industry experts at eOriginal and DocuSign will discuss how DTM solutions are used in micro, small, mid to large ticket equipment leasing companies to enable millions of transactions annually.

Join us at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on Nov 6 to learn how:

  • Equipment leasing and finance companies can digitize contracts to make them more secure, flexible, and effective
  • Electronic transactions are quickly being accepted by major funders
  • Customers are leveraging DTM workflows to improve business processes

Register today! We look forward to an interesting and valuable discussion about DTM and the equipment leasing industry.