eOriginal: Why Online Lending Lacks Consistancy

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Consistency is, and will continue to be, the biggest problem that the FinTech Marketplace Lending industry will face in 2016. Although FinTech start-ups are still subject to many of the …


Q&A Series: Will My Financial Assets Be Safe?

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Earlier this month, Ryan Asdenti, a Sales Executive of eOriginal, kicked off his Q&A Series and has since been answering common questions that come up during the sales process. Have a …

Technology Highlight: Focus on What We Do Best Product Roadmap: Ease of Deployment

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In 2000, eOriginal made the risky decision to move from the “well established” Sybase PowerBuilder based software suite to the recently released Java based J2EE platform. With J2EE and the …

Two Additional Authentication Options for On Premise Customers

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We are excited to announce that we have recently added Single Sign On authentication support to our eAsset® Management Services.  Now our On Premise customers that use a Single Sign …

Electronic OnBoarding & The Human Resources Professional

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Automated & electronic onboarding can save your organization a great deal of time & money as well as providing a secure, enforceable legally compliant process. It is also a great way for Human Resources departments to participate in your company’s green initiative.

eOriginal SmartSign® Web Feature Spotlight: Who Is Electronically Signing Your Contracts?

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eOriginal SmartSign® Web dramatically reduces potential losses and fraud attempts. With eOriginal’s OFAC and Patriot Act Complaint third party verification feature, you always feel secure. eOriginal can now alleviate that burden by verifying potential signer information against different data sources that include the Social Security Administration, Regional Bell Operating Companies, credit header data, government watch lists, and many other proprietary sources.

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