How SmartSign Helps Security Alarm Companies to Re-Contract?

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eOriginal can tie into your existing CRM; with the click of a button we will automatically pull client information from your CRM, add it to the new contract in the appropriate fields, and send your customer an invitation to sign. Your customer then is guided through an easy and intuitive eSigning contract renewal process by eOriginal’s SmartSign.

eOriginal SmartSign® Web Feature Spotlight: Who Is Electronically Signing Your Contracts?

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eOriginal SmartSign® Web dramatically reduces potential losses and fraud attempts. With eOriginal’s OFAC and Patriot Act Complaint third party verification feature, you always feel secure. eOriginal can now alleviate that burden by verifying potential signer information against different data sources that include the Social Security Administration, Regional Bell Operating Companies, credit header data, government watch lists, and many other proprietary sources.

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