How SmartSign Helps Security Alarm Companies to Re-Contract?

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eOriginal can tie into your existing CRM; with the click of a button we will automatically pull client information from your CRM, add it to the new contract in the appropriate fields, and send your customer an invitation to sign. Your customer then is guided through an easy and intuitive eSigning contract renewal process by eOriginal’s SmartSign.

Let SmartSign Web’s Push Service Be Your Team’s Quarterback

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Now, with SmartSign Web’s new Push Service workflow automation tool, eOriginal can throw you that game winning pass. In our newest release of SmartSign Web, your organization can choose to have different actions in our Signing Room pass messages to your applications. These messages may be used to trigger updates within an internal dashboard, CRM system or to automatically load data into a customer service system

Electronic Signatures a Hot Topic of Discussion

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Many customers, especially Small Business owners, believe that the products and technology needed to provide the security and workflow options to fit their business needs are too expensive, when in turn, many providers including eOriginal have electronic signature packages designed not only for large enterprise clients but also for small businesses.