So You Think eSigning Is Not For You? Think Again!

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So you think electronic signatures are not for your business? You may want to think again. As more business is being conducted online, electronic signatures have been become an increasingly important tool. However if much of your business is done face-to-face, electronic signatures are still the most efficient way to get contracts signed.

A great example one of my customers gave me was they sell small office equipment, like copiers and telephone systems that is all done face to face. Yet most times, there are still major delays in getting contracts signed. The sales person often has to leave the contract behind to get it signed by the proper people or draw up the agreement back at the office and then fax or even snail mail the contract back. It is not always done in a timely manner and sometimes the contracts can get lost on someone’s desk.

However if your business had adopted an electronic signature process it would look something more like this. The sales person meets with the customer, the customer orders the fancy new copier that does everything, and instead of having to mail, fax, or deliver the contract to the customer, the sales person just needs to send an email to the required signers where they can quickly log-in, sign and retrieve a copy of the agreement. By the end of the day, the contract is signed, and the deal is done. SmartSign even tracks those that need to sign agreement and lets you know when they have done so via a simple email.

If your company does anything that may require a signature, from NDAs to sales contracts, your documents can get delivered and signed in the same day and not hold up further interaction with your customers.

If you want to:

  • Eliminate missing signatures, incomplete documents and lost contracts
  • Improve work flow and process efficiencies
  • Close more deals in less time

Then yes, eSignatures are for you!

Using eSignatures and eOriginal’s Smartsign solution, you are able quickly and easily accomplish these tasks.  Businesses are able to simplify, speed up and streamline their entire business process enabling straight-through processing that saves time and money. Electronically signing your documents is a simple, fast and EASY process for your customers.

Step 1:  You send (contracts, applications, agreements, internal forms, budget approvals)

Step 2:  Your Customers eSign

Step 3: The executed document is stored in eOriginal’s trusted eVault, where your company can manage the document throughout its entire lifecycle.

eOriginal Smartsign® Web simplifies electronic signatures, providing a fast and easy way to decrease closing time and increase revenue. Many businesses are already taking advantage of this unique, competitive advantage by completing processes in minutes that would normally take days or even weeks.  If that’s not convincing enough for you, by the time you have finished reading this article, eOriginal could have already assisted you in having dozens of documents delivered, and signed.  For more information please contact us.