Pioneer Services To Utilize eOriginal Electronic Signature & Vaulting Solution For Secure Processing Of Consumer Financial Transactions

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Samantha Moritz

Director of Sales and Marketing


Baltimore, MD (Vocus/PRWEB) – August 6, 2009 – eOriginal, Inc., a leader in enabling end-to-end paperless transactions, announced today that Pioneer Services, the Military Banking Division of MidCountry Bank, has joined eOriginal’s high-level financial institution client list and is using the electronic signature and vaulting solution of SmartSign® Web and eCore® On Demand. Transactions for Pioneer Services will now be executed electronically and managed throughout their lifecycle within the eCore® electronic vault.


“eOriginal’s electronic signature solutions go beyond document generation and basic electronic signatures” said, Samantha Moritz, eOriginal’s director of sales and marketing. “In addition to electronically signing each loan transaction, eOriginal ensures that each signed document is authenticated and protected using digital signatures to create tamper-evident seals around all documents placed under the control of the electronic vault. Important documents may be maintained in an authenticated electronic format for their full legal life.”


Once the contracts are electronically signed, eOriginal’s vaulting technology creates a digitally sealed audit trail for the complete lifecycle of each deposited document. This secure audit trail provides the highest level of non-repudiation of the evidentiary record for events such as access, signing, reuse, print, or view requests by any user or external system. Actions affecting admissibility or enforceability including new versions, additional electronic signatures, assignment, and custody transfers – are tracked and permanently recorded in the audit trail.


The resulting document is a legal, tamper-proof eContract that eliminates the need for any physical paper processing. The eContracts are true electronic finance documents that are tamper-evident, auditable, legally enforceable, admissible, and negotiable. eOriginal electronic signature and vaulting solutions are also compliant with ESIGN, UETA and UCC Revised Article 9-105.


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About eOriginal
eOriginal, Inc. provides advanced electronic signature and vaulting solutions which enable organizations to eliminate paper while legally protecting their assets as Electronic Original® documents are managed and transitioned throughout their lifecycle. eOriginal technology and processes create legally binding electronic signatures and electronic documents that are tamper-evident, auditable and legally enforceable. eOriginal technology provides compliance for managing electronic signatures and transferable records under E-Sign, UETA and the UCC. eOriginal customers, including top-tier financial institutions, have processed more than 5 million electronic signatures on documents without a single system error or legal challenge.


About Pioneer Services
Pioneer Services, the Military Banking Division of MidCountry Bank, provides financial services and award-winning education to members of the Armed Forces. For more than 20 years, Pioneer Services has been a leader in military lending, offering military loans and award-winning financial education programs through a network of offices and on the Internet. Pioneer Services is proud to support military families and communities through a variety of partnerships, programs, and sponsorships. For more information, visit