Let SmartSign Web’s Push Service Be Your Team’s Quarterback

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In today’s proliferation of cloud based computing and SaaS delivered applications, there is often a required missing element of automatically synchronizing data across multiple business applications.  Companies often need to automatically synchronize their systems to help guide and update internal workflows based on actions controlled by an outside application. For example, when an non-disclosure agreement is signed your customer tracking application should be automatically updated to reflect that so your sales representative can schedule a demonstration.

Integration issues often arise when one application controls the primary flow that a customer is seeing, and a second application needs to be updated with information driven by the actions or results in the control system.  In traditional web services, the second application must make constant calls to the control system to find out not only if anything changed, but what exactly changed and when.

This is a very inefficient and daunting task and leads to unnecessary strain on both applications.  Let’s think about it in terms of a quarterback and a group of wide receivers on a football team.  In traditional web services, our wide receivers all run around asking the quarterback if it is time for him to throw the ball.  As we all know, this is not the best approach.  It is the quarterback who is holding that ball and his responsibility to make his reads and know exactly when the ball must be thrown to the wide receiver that results in the game changing touchdown.

Now, with SmartSign Web’s new Push Service workflow automation tool, eOriginal can throw you that game winning pass.  In our newest release of SmartSign Web, your organization can choose to have different actions in our Signing Room pass messages to your applications.  These messages may be used to trigger updates within an internal dashboard, CRM system or to automatically load data into a customer service system.  The use of our automated Push Service will help your organization control business workflow and improve data reporting within your existing applications.  Push Service messages can be sent to as many applications as your organization needs, with as much or as little information as required (e.g. information about the signer, form data, watermarked working copies of signed documents, or a digitally signed copy of a document’s audit trail).

SmartSign Web’s Push Service could not be easier to integrate with!  To use the Push Service, eOriginal provides a Web Service Description Language (WSDL) that allows your IT team to integrate the Push Service with your applications in no time at all.  The WSDL aids in the automated generation of the code needed to receive, parse, and control the flow of the message’s information received from SmartSign Web – in the language of your choice.

As you can see integrating your existing applications with SmartSign Web has never been easier.  For more detailed information about this new service, please contact the eOriginal Sales Department.