It’s About the Ones that get away! eSignatures Improving Operating Processes in the Insurance Industry

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In working with insurance companies that are taking their business processes on line for better origination and servicing, nothing is more important than nailing the application process down in such a way that anyone who wants to buy insurance can get started and complete their application as quickly and seamlessly as possible. The best way to make that happen is a single online session that starts the process in real-time and doesn’t bog down for printing, mailing followed by receiving, manual workflow processing, scanning and callbacks for errors or missing data.

Of course there are other benefits to taking application process and completing it online. An applicant, online the carrier or selling agent has also done their part in going Green by eliminating  the need to print, fax, ship, and store paper. Not only helping the environment but saving money by reducing storage and operating costs incurred through paper based systems. However an equally important, and often hidden, issue for the carrier and agents are all of the potential applicants who opted out of a paper driven process because it was too cumbersome, slow, or those that intended to complete the paper form but never got around to it. These potential customers either never generate revenue or will generate revenue for a company whose online processes are more customer friendly.

So how can eOriginal’s SmartSign Web help insurance providers to streamline their processes?

  • Enable customers to electronically sign the application with an online web application
  • Manage all workflow, routing, and vaulting procedures of the application process through SmartSign Web’s customization options.
  • Reduce your organizations dependency on paper, saving you time and money.
  • Reduce errors and incomplete documents greatly reducing any NIGO applications.
  • HIPAA and ACORD compliant security and data management
  • Bind voice signatures to applications for faster processing and payment authorization.
  • Increase revenue by allowing your customers to quickly review, eSign, and receive a copy of their policy and additional forms.

To learn more about how we may be able to streamline your processes please contact me directly at 410-625-5147 or just us a question in the comments and I’ll be sure to promptly respond.