How SmartSign Helps Security Alarm Companies to Re-Contract?

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I often speak with security alarm companies on the benefits of eOrignal’s SmartSign- electronic signature solutions. You may or may not be surprised by the various departments, processes and workflows where SmartSigning has proven to be beneficial in the Alarm industry; including contracting new clients through inside and outside sales, HR/ employee onboarding, and customer retention/ renewals, just to name a few.

One particular area that I have found to require a large amount of company resources and focus has been client retention and customer renewals. Which in most cases bring with it a cumbersome paper process, customer inconvenience and unfortunately customer drop off. How you re-contract today will have direct influence on your companies RMR tomorrow- whether it be negative or positive; of course the goal would be the later.

As old contracts begin to expire, eOriginal’s SmartSign provides Alarm companies the advantage of re-contracting with only the click of a button. Most importantly, it provides a faster, friendlier and more convenient customer experience. Some of the immediate benefits include,

  • Increased employee productivity- now sales and retention departments can complete these tasks in half the time.
  • Decreased mailing, paper, shipping, and postage cost
  • Improved customer experience and relations
  • Ability to have same day, even same hour client renewals

How this works:

eOriginal can tie into your existing CRM; with the click of a button we will automatically pull client information from your CRM, add it to the new contract in the appropriate fields, and send your customer an invitation to sign. Your customer then is guided through an easy and intuitive eSigning contract renewal process by eOriginal’s SmartSign.

You can see how this process works by going to eOriginal’s Security Alarm demonstration page by clicking here.