The Kinetics of Astronaut Cows and eOriginal’s Momentum

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Astronaut Cow

On a Saturday in May, a giant cow dressed as an astronaut swayed its way through the streets of Baltimore, worked across the Inner Harbor and back on to dry land. This was an impressive act of kinetic energy, also known as the energy of motion.

The astronaut bovine was part of the 19th annual Kinetic Sculpture Race in Baltimore, a race of wacky, imaginative, human-powered works of art designed to travel over water and land. It was also a fitting symbol for eOriginal – innovative, human powered and enjoying the energy of its own motion.

The Tech Industry is Noticing eOriginal

Last week, the Maryland Tech Council named eOriginal Emerging Company of the Year and eOriginal’s CFO, Bob Edwards was a finalist for Financial Executive of the year. Read the release here.

President Stephen Bisbee stated, “Every member of the eOriginal team plays a key role in advancing the company’s ability to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving technological landscape. I am so proud to have the opportunity to collaborate with this hardworking and talented group.” Building on the momentum from the Maryland Tech Council awards and nominations, Bisbee is also nominated for EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award and we are looking forward to the Gala on June 28!

eOriginal’s Tech Growth and Rapid Expansion of the Digital Transaction Market

Referencing eOriginal, the Baltimore Business Journal recently highlighted, “The recent growth of this Baltimore software firm is fueled by a rapidly expanding digital transaction market, which the company serves, and assisted by the addition of over $26 million in funding and a new chief executive.”

The article is referencing our new Chief Executive Officer, Brian Madocks. “eOriginal is uniquely positioned as the leading provider in a rapidly expanding digital transaction management marketplace,” Madocks said. “I am excited to join eOriginal and look forward to working with Steve and the team to expand our offerings, capabilities and investment in our people, products, customers and partners.”

Innovation and Continuing eOriginal’s Tech Momentum

Of course, like the astronaut cow, the energy is only sustainable with continuing human power, which for eOriginal means that we must continue to innovate and also push ourselves to meet our already high standard of customer support and professional service. With that sort of kinetic energy, eOriginal will continue to be a leader in the digital transformation of financial services.

Special thanks to our VP of Product Management Karl Matthews for the great photos of the Baltimore’s American Visionary Arts Museum’s Kinetic Sculpture Race.