eOriginal SmartSign® Web Feature Spotlight: Who Is Electronically Signing Your Contracts?

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In today’s world, most of us do everything online, from ordering a new pair of shoes to paying off credit card bills.  Technology and products like eOriginal’s SmartSign® Web esignature solution provide the ability to quickly and seamlessly migrate from a cumbersome paper process to a streamlined online process helping to make these conveniences possible.  However, with the instant gratification and convenience of online processing comes a fear of identity theft.  Therefore, it is increasingly important to know that the person you are contracting with or selling goods and services to is exactly who they say they are.  Now, with the help of cutting edge technology, eOriginal can assist you in verifying, in real-time, that the person signing your deal is in fact who they claim to be.  


eOriginal SmartSign® Web dramatically reduces potential losses and fraud attempts.  With eOriginal’s OFAC and Patriot Act Complaint third party verification feature, you always feel secure.  In order to comply with the Patriot Act and other government regulations, many companies within and outside the financial services industry are now bound by new requirements to verify against Patriot Act Complaint databases.  eOriginal can now alleviate that burden by verifying potential signer information against different data sources that include the Social Security Administration, Regional Bell Operating Companies, credit header data, government watch lists, and many other proprietary sources. 


Not only does SmartSign offer the ability to provide such OFAC user screenings it also challenges a potential signer with “out-of-wallet” security questions.  Such protective questions are critical for customers in various high value markets.  If requested, SmartSign will authenticate the identity of the signer by asking personal and/or historic questions.  The correct signer can quickly and easily answer these questions without delay of the verification process.  SmartSign therefore provides an additional barrier to help protect your signers from identity theft.  


Third party identity verification is just one of the numerous security features that eOriginal’s SmartSign Web offers to help cut costs, streamline paperless processes, and help companies “go-green.”

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