eOriginal Product Update Highlights

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There are several important SmartSign Web® product enhancements that should appeal to any business  improvement process. Here I am only going to highlight a few.  We’ll have more detailed information to come over the next few days. We’ve added a number of important workflow integration enhancements so that we can be more tightly embedded and work more seamlessly with customer downstream business processes, these include:

  • New Push Service You can now configure eOriginal’s SmartSign to automatically push working copies of executed transactions into customer systems such as document management, ERP or CRM providing users with real-time signature updates especially helpful for underwriting, loan underwriting and multi-location sales teams.
  • New Document Format Options – You can choose to upload non-PDF documents and have it auto-converted to PDF format. Supported document types include Text Documents (i.e. Microsoft Word, Plain Text), Spreadsheet and Data Documents (i.e. Excel, Lotus Notes, Comma-Separated Variables), Presentation Documents such as Power Point and Image Documents (i.e. JPEG, PNG). This makes it easier to process directly from any desktop and add attachments such as a photo taken from a mobile device and uploaded without scanning.
  • Role based signing configuration – You can now configure document sets for individual roles, defining which documents are displayed or hidden from each participant in the transaction.
  • Streamlined Consent Process – Organizations can elect to incorporate ESIGN consent in the user’s login process to speed routine signing.

We’ve also made it even easier to configure and brand the signing experience so users can complete typical configurations without programming skills.

iPads and such: More organizations are incorporating mobile devices into their business processes; and contract signoffs and contract modifications are at the top of the list for taking critical advantage of anytime, anywhere capabilities. You can easily add these to a SmartSign-enabled implementation.

Need a good example of how eSigning with eOriginal can cut your customer’s revenue cycles? Direct Capital, a Northeast leasing company, decreased their average deal time from 5 days to an average of two hours and cut the error rate from 30% to less than 5%.