Electronic Signatures Help Businesses Grow Through Streamlining Processes.

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What makes a successful business in today’s world? I have spent countless nights asking myself this very question.  From front-line salespeople to high-level executives, businesses around the world are actively trying to embrace new technology in hopes that they can streamline their processes and become more efficient using fewer resources.

Using electronic signatures and eOriginal’s Smartsign solutions; businesses are able to simplify, speed up and streamline their entire business process enabling straight-through processing that saves time and money. Simplicity is the key to quickly implementing electronic signing into your current process enabling your organization to see the benefits and savings right away. This is how it works;

Step 1:  You send (contracts, applications, agreements, internal forms, budget approvals)

Step 2:  Your Customers eSign (electronically signing your documents is a simple, fast and EASY process for your client/signer)

Step 3: Receive a signed, legally enforceable document within minutes (that’s right-it’s DONE!)

eOriginal Smartsign® Web simplifies electronic signatures, providing a fast and easy way to decrease closing time and increase revenue. Many businesses are already taking advantage of this unique, competitive advantage by completing processes in minutes that would normally take days or even weeks. If that’s not convincing enough for you, by the time you have finished reading this article, eOriginal could have already assisted you in having dozens of documents signed, sealed and delivered. For more information please contact us.