Electronic Signatures for any Business or Process.

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I recently had the opportunity to attend the 2011 National Automobile Dealers Association EXPO in San Francisco, CA. I used my time to speak with auto dealers, lenders, as well as service providers. You can imagine the joy I felt as I learned, across the board, that business process optimization, including the use of electronic signatures, has become a key focus in the future of the industry. One of the consistent topics of my discussions was how to create a faster more efficient process that saves money, resources and time, increasing revenue!

This got me to thinking about how eOriginal and electronic signatures have evolved since the signing of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) in 1999 and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) in 2000.  More so than ever before, businesses are recognizing the value of streamlining costly business processes, creating friendlier client and employee experiences.  eOriginal SmartSign has since processed millions of e-signature events each year, streamlining a variety of business processes, some of which we didn’t think about.  Our innovative clients helped to provide the vision- What are some of the processes it is used for today?

  • Automotive lending, lease and dealer agreements
  • Consumer and Commercial Loans
  • HR forms and On-boarding documentation
  • Home and Commercial security contracts
  • Equipment Lease Agreements
  • Student enrollment and financial aid forms
  • Accounting and Tax forms
  • General Contracts/Agreements, NDAs
  • Property rental and lease contracts
  • Healthcare forms
  • And just about any other Document-Oriented Transaction requiring a signature

My list could continue, but my point here is, don’t take anything off the table. Look at your business from the outside in.  Find the areas that have proven to be costly and ask yourself – Why? Some of the unfailing answers that you may come across are almost always related to the process in which one’s job is executed. This process often includes the scanning, faxing, copying, printing, filing, finding, mailing and shipping of documents, many of which require some sort of signature.

For more than 15 years, eOriginal has assisted corporations in streamlining various types of business processes using our SmartSign electronic signature and lifecycle management solutions.  SmartSign has a proven ROI, whether used for HR documents or negotiable instruments.  eOriginal is able to save your company time and money without compromising the legal integrity of your documents.