Electronic OnBoarding & The Human Resources Professional

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Stephen Walker is a new addition to our sales and marketing team and recently went through the onboarding process.  This process inspired his first blog post below.  Welcome, Steve! 


Author:  Stephen Walker
eOriginal Sales and Marketing Manager


If your organization is like most around the country, your new hire “onboarding” process is difficult, cumbersome, and un-friendly to the environment. The average company has many forms that the new hire must read and sign prior to appearing for their first day of work. Included among these are the various federal and state forms that are required, such as the Form I-9 & W4 withholding form. These forms and policies, when coupled with your required corporate forms can present a tremendous challenge and a real waste of training time for your new employee. In addition, the amount of paper generated and stored from multiple employee hirings in any given year is tremendous and does have a cumulative negative effect on the environment and to the conservation of resources.


Fortunately, technology has provided a solution, electronic signatures and eVaulting. Imagine how much wasted time and effort could be recovered by sending your new hire an employment packet via a secure email link delivered from your own web site. The soon to be employee logs onto your site through a secure link and enters a password that has been provided to him or her prior to signing on. The prospective employee can review and sign all required policies and forms with an electronic signature. The forms can then be digitally signed and housed in a secure tamper proof electronic vault where their audit history can be verified if ever needed for purposes of non-repudiation. The ability to sign documents electronically and securely store them can help human resources professionals take advantage of technology to vastly increase onboarding productivity and thus better assist their organization in automating the onboarding process. There are several ways in which electronic onboarding can assist in the process for bringing New hires aboard but one of the most important is corporate socialization of the new employee.


The vast majority of company web sites provide only general information to prospective employees, such as mailing address and telephone numbers for the main reception desk or human resources department. They are not yet tailored to provide a new hire with specific information pertaining to their new role in your organization. End to End electronic signature and vaulting solution providers such as eOriginal provide both the HR professional and the new hire with the ability to electronically sign and securely store as many documents as needed to comply with corporate governance and regulatory demands. The new hire has the ability to print or download watermarked copies of his or her offer letter, employment agreement, non-compete or NDA or any other pertinent documents and the Human Resource professional and the company have secure, digitally signed and wrapped documents that can stand up to authenticity challenges. The documents remain under the control of the company and can be destroyed if needed through a certified process that is audit trail verified. Electronic delivery and signing of these materials are much more effective than paper and can often replace most or all of the need to send post office mail or over-nighted forms. Documents that don’t necessarily need to be signed but do require an acknowledgement of receipt or agreement to uphold such as a corporate handbook or guidebook can be set up for that as well.


Automated & electronic onboarding can save your organization a great deal of time & money as well as providing a secure, enforceable legally compliant process. It is also a great way for Human Resources departments to participate in your company’s green initiative.