DocuSign and eOriginal: A Platform to Get Behind

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Are you ready to cast your presidential vote in November? With less than 90 days until the election, I find myself sifting through interviews, articles and the lively presidential debates assessing each candidate’s economic vision, their plan to improve unemployment rates, address security concerns and gain control of terrorism in the United States.

Although the candidates are complicated, the voting process should be fairly straight forward, right? Wrong. Similar to the variances in the adoption of technology in the financial services industry, the types of voting equipment used across the country also varies. Some jurisdictions use traditional paper, some are electronic, and believe it or not, some are even still using snail mail! Sadly, fears of hacking and inefficient technologies are hindering the widespread acceptance of a fully digital voting system.

Unlike the state of our ballot system, the digitization of paper-based manual processes has progressed much more rapidly. The rest of this article aims to give you a break from politics and shift your attention toward another platform; an award winning, integrated technology solution that is literally changing the way the world does business.

As a long time eOriginal employee and the DocuSign Alliance Manager, I approve of this message.

Five of the top 10 banks, the top market changing Marketplace Lenders and numerous Fortune 500 companies, to name just a few, have all invested in a technology platform worth getting behind, the DocuSign and eOriginal Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform.

These organizations evaluated and selected the platform based upon key criteria, similar to those we’ll evaluate leading up to the presidential race including strong leadership, well documented experience and deep expertise. Let’s stick with the three key issues top of mind for most in this election which easily extrapolate into the technology and business world:

  1. Economic Vision – DocuSign and eOriginal have been partners for more than 10 years, jointly providing a DTM platform that allows businesses to truly go 100 percent digital. From digital agreement execution to post execution management of critical assets through to the secondary market sale and transfer of ownership, our strategic vision has created an economic advantage and is a game changer for thousands of organizations around the world.
  1. Jobs and Wages – DTM allows your organization to focus on its core business while increasing revenue through the improvement of business processes. Organizations have promoted individuals to focus on the mission of taking entire organizations digital from Human Resources through to the CFO’s office, and funding of the very business that is generated.
  2. Terrorism and Security – While we can’t promise that we will build a wall, we can promise that your company’s digital assets will be protected by world-class security and operations, guaranteed document confidentiality and leading system availability.

In closing, campaign slogans offer a way to understand the guiding principle that ties together a candidate’s more complex policy plans. If I had to summarize the DocuSign and eOriginal partnership and our combined value proposition into an official campaign slogan I would use: Digital Transformation: Driving Change Together. DocuSign and eOriginal represent two world class solutions. Through our integration we allow for the ability to transact complex, high value critical asset execution 100 percent digitally. Not to mention, there’s far less mudslinging—after all, we’re partners, not adversaries. Want to learn more? Check out DocuSign’s Digital City Tour, kicking off this week in Boston for additional details about our joint solution!



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