Compliance is Top-of-Mind for Investors

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As the proliferation of the digital transaction revolution continues, the need for data management and analysis has never been more essential for businesses to remain both efficient and compliant. In addition, the necessity to manage and analyze the data of financial assets is critical to gaining (and keeping) the confidence of institutional investors, hedge funds and private equity firms.

Enhanced transparency and reporting are now required for organizations in the moving on assets on to the secondary markets for collateralization and securitization. It is becoming imperative to provide loan-level disclosure for assets to elevate investor confidence while facilitating capital formation in the securitization sector.

Responding to Industry Demands

Primarily due to regulator influence, a more data-focused digital transaction environment has emerged. Essentially, the demand is for a solution that can be easily stored and parsed with a simple, yet efficient rendering rule set. Identifying a gap in technology and in response to industry needs, eOriginal released Datalytics™.

Updated in real-time from document origination systems and other data sources, Datalytics is intended to be the trusted, authoritative system of record for data associated with transactions and documents, as it uses eOriginal’s sophisticated auditing, encryption and tamper-proofing functionality to ensure data quality and demonstrable compliance.

Unlike data management solutions external to the vault, Datalytics keeps documents, transactions and their data co-resident and tightly connected. For transaction originators, investors and custodians, this provides an unprecedented level of insight and due diligence while saving time, reducing risk and decreasing costs.

Datalytics is a real-time compliance and analytics solution that accesses asset-level data documents and systems—providing an unprecedented level of insight and due diligence while saving time, reducing risk, and decreasing costs.

Why Datalytics is Different

  • Real-Time Auditing v. Point-in-Time Reporting. Audit reports are usually point-in-time reports or done as part of a service. On-going reporting allows you to stay on-top of your compliance.
  • Little Integration/Maintenance Efforts. This solution allows for rapid deployment with easy access to infographics that require no coding.
  • One Database for All Audits. Most financial services audit processes rely on creating custom databases per audit request then pulling from multiple silos – some for data and some for documents. We save you time by having all of the data and documents in one place.
  • One Tool for the Entire Process. Unlike external tools that analyze just a portion of the loan process, this solution analyzes the entire process with little-to-no effort.
  • Access to the Full Data Set. With other solutions the full dataset created during origination/doc prep processes are not kept or remain available to audit and compliance. We maintain the full data set so you do not have to recreate it or conduct lengthy research during the audit.
  • Empower Internal Audit Reviews. Datalytics allows for ongoing monitoring of compliance with bank-specific policies and provides the asset-level data that will be required under REG AB.
  • On-Demand Data Comparisons. In Datalytics, users are able to upload a spreadsheet containing a trial balance or other external data sets and have it instantly compared to your trusted data.

As the marketplace lending industry scales, recent news needs to be looked at as an opportunity for growth and maturation of a burgeoning industry. Let’s face it, our society is too dependent on instant accessibility and having the world at their fingertips to stop innovating to develop new investment opportunities.