Tuesday’s Tip – Setting Up Another Authentication Layer in SmartSign Web

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Smart-phones are a life-line or hub of information for most businesses today so it only makes sense for the use of SMS (Short Message Service) text message notifications as a means of signer authentication. With eOriginal SmartSign, SMS/text ID verification can be applied in two separate methods for an added level of security:

Tuesday’s Tip – eOriginal Working to Create a Streamlined Signing Experience Using Google Docs.

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eOriginal clients have the ability to link their Google account to their eOriginal login in order to import Google documents during the transaction creation in SmartSign Web.

Tuesday’s Tip – Transaction XRefs – useful search tool

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eOriginal clients commonly use the Transaction ID or Status values to search for a transaction(s). Transaction External References (1-3 ) are fields that can be customized to meet your organization’s business needs. The benefit of customizing these labels allows your users yet another way to search for or batch processing needs.