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Want to Digitally Transform Your Equipment Leasing and Finance Operations?
You’ll Need to Connect to the ELF Ecosystem

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Whether or not they consider it “transformation,” a growing number of organizations that provide equipment leasing and finance (ELF) are investing in digital tools and digital processes. In fact, the …

Ready to Start Digitizing Securitization? Here’s How the eOriginal® Platform Can Make It Happen

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Financial institutions face unprecedented times as the Covid-19 pandemic wanes and the economy rebounds – especially in capital markets. At the height of the crisis, organizations pivoted to digital. Exchanges …

SmartSign Solution Brief

Created by one of the pioneers in the eSignature space, eOriginal’s SmartSign is the only eSignature solution built for the financial services industry. Read how SmartSign provides the advanced security and compliance financial services firms need and why it’s the smart choice for banks, lenders, and other financial institutions looking to digitally transform.

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Identity Verification: Maintain Compliance and Enforceability of Your Electronic Assets

Maintain Compliance and Enforceability of Your Electronic Assets

This guide lays out exactly how eOriginal provides the authentication required for an evolving landscape of digital threats, from basic PIN numbers to advanced measures like allowing SmartSign to capture a picture of the signer. Learn how your team can have peace of mind when conducting electronic signing.

The New Possible in Electronic Asset Management

Management of Electronic Assets After Signing Is Not Only Viable: It’s an Imperative

Thinking of implementing an Electronic Transaction Management (ETM) solution? Read this white paper for an in-depth understanding of what a complete ETM solution looks like, including the six barriers it must overcome, and an ability to embrace the new concepts of control, transfer, legality, and certainty.

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Digital Is Becoming the New Normal for Vehicle Finance

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Digital Transaction Management (DTM) was born out of the philosophy of enabling businesses to function 100 percent digitally, by giving organizations the ability to electronically execute and manage a wide …

Why Marketplace Lending is No longer “Alternative”

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After the Great Recession, banks stopped lending. Scared of the risk involved with lending to people and small businesses, banks retreated and the concept of “alternative finance” moved to the …


Why eSignature is the Tip of the Iceberg

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Often when businesses conduct transactions or use contracting for their financial assets consider undergoing a digital transformation, they research the best eSignature solution to go “paperless.” Unfortunately, this common approach …

Product Spotlight: Understanding eOriginal’s eDeposit Process

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eOriginal’s eDeposit® is a patent pending process used to ingest electronic documents into an eVault that have been created outside of a vetted eSigning solution. This process differs from our …

Wrap Up: Leading Marketplace Lenders Come Together for California FinTech Event

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Earlier this month, John Jacobs, eOriginal’s Director of Sales Operations, joined a leading vendor panel at the California FinTech Technology Forum – an intimate event hosted at DocuSign’s headquarters in …

eSignRecords2015: What’s Next for DTM?

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Among the many great sessions at eSignRecords2015 last week, none may have been more highly anticipated than the panel on “Digital Transaction Management: A Path Forward” as it tackled how …

eOriginal to go Beyond e-Signatures at the ELFA Annual Conference

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In just a week the eOriginal team will touch down in San Antonio to join 800 attendees and exhibitors for this year’s Equipment Lease and Financing Association’s (ELFA) Annual conference. …