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POI, The New ROI for Digital Transactions

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Why Protection of Investments (POI) for Digital Transactions is The New ROI Return on Investment (ROI) is a critical motivator for Companies looking to take their business process electronic and …

Cloud Computing and Changing Tires on a Moving Car

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There’s no dearth of executive primers on the relative merits of different cloud strategies with the attendant risk/benefit tradeoffs for public, private & hybrid versions as well as hybrid multi-tenant …

The Trickiness of Digital Engagement

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Perfecting digital engagement with customers can be tricky business… The underlying concepts for today’s digital-first customer seems natural, but the execution can be intimidating for those responsible for making it …

Digital Business

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Don Sheibenreif, VP, Industries Research Consumer Experience at Gartner made some great points in his blog “Use business moments to identify digital business opportunities” in this morning’s: Wall Street Journal.  His point that …

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Could The Technology behind Bitcoins Be Used to Manage eAssets?

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For the last year everyone in the tech and financial worlds has been buzzing about the sudden rise of Bitcoins. As the Bitcoin wiki describes it: “Bitcoins is a distributed …

Two Additional Authentication Options for On Premise Customers

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We are excited to announce that we have recently added Single Sign On authentication support to our eAsset® Management Services.  Now our On Premise customers that use a Single Sign …